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5. Februar 2024

The installation of the app was a breeze and so was setup. I really love the assortment of products to choose from and the speedy turnaround times. I recently had to contact support regarding my account and wow- that was a great experience. They were very responsive and resolved my matter quickly. I am so happy I found Gooten!

Ship A Gift
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22. Januar 2024

Setting up my Gooten account and connecting it to my Shopify store was super easy. The design guides and uploading custom design features were easy to understand. I love the range of print-on-demand products they offer and I can't wait to keep expanding my shop offerings.

That Bookish Boutique
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3 monate mit der App
26. Januar 2024

Love this app. It’s simple to use and the product line is amazing. Adding products is a breeze making the whole process from design to sell is seamless. There’s even a free version available.

Gallery Aderyn
16 tage mit der App
24. Mai 2024

I’ve yet to come across a store that has as much of a selection of items as Gooten. Plus, they frequently update the catalogue which allows me to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Natural Vibes | Vital Products for Natural Living
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5. Januar 2024

Was really pleased w the amount of back and forth customer service gave me w an item I was ordering that still showed white outline. They could have just printed it wrong but went back and forth w me until I got it right!

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18. März 2024

Really great app. Very helpful for my Shopify store.

perfectly paradise
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28. Dezember 2023

The installation process was really easy, and once connected, adding products to my catalogue became effortless. This platform offers a wide range of high-quality products. I've tested a few orders with them and received them promptly; the print quality was surprisingly good. The interface is user-friendly, allowing for quick setup in just a few minutes. It's straightforward and easy to navigate.

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14 tage mit der App
10. Dezember 2023

I have found that Gooten has a great selection and is user-friendly.

What would make it five stars:

• Automatic shipping price integration with Shopify and weight-based shipping. Not having to add it to the price or use Advanced Shipping.
• View & edit automatic order emails
• Have an option to add personalized thank you cards and care cards.
• A way to view and edit artwork files for products rather than going to make a new product and adding artwork files.

I have recently placed orders for their "Can Glass Drinkware," and the image wrappers are supposed to go all around the glass; however, all six glasses I have ordered have an inch or two gap in the back, not making it seamless. I have contacted support about this and was told they will look into what happened and get back to me, as it should be seamless.

The pillow I made and ordered came out perfect.

Witching Belle
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25. Dezember 2023

I appreciate the variety in products and the quality of the products. What would be better is if the website and design software was more phone friendly as I do most of the work on my phone. I was also disappointed in the time it took for my designs to be approved and then the length of time they were in production. I assume it’s longer because of the holiday season and I’ll be interested to see what the turnaround time is like in the off season.

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29. Dezember 2015

Good products and excellent customer support! Easy to use and they really listen when you have a suggestion or need an improvement.

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