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29. Juni 2023

Just started working with Gooten to create my first design. The design functionality seems straight forward and the specs are laid out clearly, which is nice. I'm looking forward to working with them.

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9 monate mit der App
27. Oktober 2023

I ordered a mug recently to see how quickly my order will be received to New York and I ordered on a weekend and received it in less than a week! I love it. This is exactly the type of experience that I want my customers to have and I'm glad I chose Gooten as my supplier. The shipping was not only fast the mug I ordered was packed so well and is a great quality mug!!! Highly recommend

Roast Magic Beans
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
23. August 2023

Super easy to use and very easy to convert designs into my shop. Pricing with shipping is a little different than other POD- so it’s a little bit of a learning curve but overall I recommend-!

Midnights by Missy
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2 monate mit der App
19. September 2023

I have fantastic experiences with this print on demand company, Gooten! Their product quality exceeded my expectations, the user-friendly dashboard made the whole process a breeze, and the prices were incredibly reasonable. What impresse me the most is their extensive product variety, allowing me to find exactly what I need. Highly recommended!

Taan's Creation
3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 13. Juni 2023

I placed the exact same order with Gooten and another top POD service. The embroidered hat is taking a bit longer to get to me then the other company but so far everything has been very comparable. The one major difference was the cell phone case. With the other company I got a cheap, flimsy plastic case. With Gooten I received a case that will actually protect my phone! Overall my experience has been great and I can't think of a reason why someone would not want to use this service. A++

Gift Horse Boutique
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13 tage mit der App
16. Oktober 2023

Gooten is a fantastic print-on-demand service. They stand out with their unique offering of customized neck labels for sweatshirts and hoodies, a feature I haven't found on other platforms. What's impressive is that this level of customization doesn't come with a hefty price tag; Gooten's rates are quite affordable. As a Shopify user, the easy integration was a huge relief. It's a genuine solution for anyone looking to enhance their merchandise with quality and personalization.

Radiant Streetwear Co.
14 tage mit der App
23. November 2023

Would recommend! Easy to use and integrate with Shopify, and love the range of products available.

AR School Spirit
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15 tage mit der App
10. Juli 2023

Great selection and easy to work with. They have a more diverse group of products to work with, compared to some other apps.

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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
10. Oktober 2023

I am just getting started with a print on demand company and Gooten has made it very simple to get started. It very user friendly. They provide great rates and still good quality.

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9 tage mit der App
16. Oktober 2023

Great service so far, integrated well with my website and customers said the items arrived as expected

Forbidden Pre
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