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8. Mai 2020

I ordered a few posters to test product and unfortunately was not impressed with product quality. My personal use case is specific: I need fine crisp lines, but the prints I received were blurry either due to image post-processing or the ink seeping on the paper. This could perhaps work for a large photo, but I still say it's not good quality. Also, my poster arrived in a triangle tube which was not properly secured closed with tape so it was partially open and the tube itself wasn't *crushed* but it had definitely taken a couple blows. So had my poster unfortunately which left it with some creases. Also, the turnaround time was really, really bad... It took something like 9 days for my poster to even be printed. I ordered one express and one standard and the standard package will have taken 2 full weeks from order to arrival, which I can see being a customer service headache for myself. I would rate a two but I can't speak for their quality on other products like shirts, etc, and they are definitely one of the top price competitors. Ultimately for my current use case, Gooten isn't very good. You should consider getting HP indigo presses or if you already have them, allow posters to be printed on them.

Dot & Line Co.
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14 tage mit der App
Gooten hat geantwortet 18. Juni 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We appreciate your feedback and are always looking to improve.

One of the unique qualities of print-on-demand products is that products are made one at a time, which can sometimes lead to small variances. That being said, we do apologize for any order issues, and if your request is still outstanding, we kindly ask you to please use our new support form so we can route your request accordingly:

Additionally, we apologize for the delays in fulfillment and customer support, and that is understandably very frustrating. For some products, fulfillment times are delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions at our manufacturing partners' facilities, coupled with an unexpected increase in order volumes. This has, in turn, affected our customer support team. While our team is working hard to respond to every request, our response times are longer than usual. We greatly appreciate your patience as we manage these challenges.

17. Februar 2021

I sell original digital art on my new shop and as a new business i did and am still doing research to find or change my print on demand service. I came across gooten and gave it a shot along with gelato and prodigi. for pricing its a tie with gelato being the most competive canvas pricing. uploading images in bulk is very easy and efficient. The one primary reason I am not using them as my primary pod company is that gooten is behind the others when it comes to product creation for canvas prints, If my image is not exactly the canvas size i can only crop it not resize it to fit. Prodigis app does this best as it automatically recomends print sizes and also alows you to resize but they are the costliest of thr three in comparison. Gelato allows resizing but its a bit less user friendly. If Gooten offered a product import service like Prodigis concierge service for customers offering a large amount of products with them or if they had a better interface i would choose them over any other but for now it seems they arent the best fot for my needs.

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Gooten hat geantwortet 17. Februar 2021

Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving your feedback. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our features and your insights are very valuable.

We are currently working on a new product import feature and if you are open to discussion, we would love to connect with you and get your thoughts. Please email us at We hope to hear from you!

11. Mai 2020

It’s not bad but there are better options for what I was looking for. (Drop-shipping Apparel) I found other websites that were much more helpful to my needs. That being said Gooten is a great place to start

The Croesus
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Gooten hat geantwortet 18. Juni 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We appreciate your feedback and are always looking to improve. If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, please let us know at

5. Januar 2017

I liked the variety of products they had available and it looked really promising, but the platform is just too messy and tedious to create a product with multiple variants like size and colour if you want to view what colours will work with your design as you're creating it. I thought this might be an alternative to Printful, but I'll take fewer product offerings for an easier platform to work with.