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29. Februar 2024

Absolutely love Gooten as a POD provider. They have great printing and a much larger print area than their competitors. Only downsides: 1) Shipping for multiple items is prohibitively expensive; 2) It's really difficult to get colors added for some items. We can't print our fleece with them because of the lack of options there. I would love to be able to use them for everything. Thanks!

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13. Februar 2024

Great customer service! Products take much longer than other services I've used though :( But the quality is good and i'm happy with both their DTG and DTF garments!

West LA Clothing Crew
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10. Dezember 2023

I have found that Gooten has a great selection and is user-friendly.

What would make it five stars:

• Automatic shipping price integration with Shopify and weight-based shipping. Not having to add it to the price or use Advanced Shipping.
• View & edit automatic order emails
• Have an option to add personalized thank you cards and care cards.
• A way to view and edit artwork files for products rather than going to make a new product and adding artwork files.

I have recently placed orders for their "Can Glass Drinkware," and the image wrappers are supposed to go all around the glass; however, all six glasses I have ordered have an inch or two gap in the back, not making it seamless. I have contacted support about this and was told they will look into what happened and get back to me, as it should be seamless.

The pillow I made and ordered came out perfect.

Witching Belle
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25. Dezember 2023

I appreciate the variety in products and the quality of the products. What would be better is if the website and design software was more phone friendly as I do most of the work on my phone. I was also disappointed in the time it took for my designs to be approved and then the length of time they were in production. I assume it’s longer because of the holiday season and I’ll be interested to see what the turnaround time is like in the off season.

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17. August 2023

Absolutely thrilled to share my experience with the Gooten Spotify app for selling framed posters! Let me tell you, this platform has been an absolute game-changer for my art business. As an artist and entrepreneur, I'm all about quality and customization, and Gooten ticks all the boxes. Setting up my poster designs to be sold in frames was a breeze with its user-friendly interface, and the range of customization options they offer is just mind-blowing. I could tweak everything from frames to matting, ensuring each piece is a true representation of my artistic vision. And speaking of quality, the prints I received were nothing short of stunning - vibrant, sharp, and true to my original designs. What's even cooler is the seamless integration with Spotify, which gives my art a whole new dimension. Plus, their shipping was quick and packaging was top-notch, showing they really care about their customers' satisfaction. If you're an artist looking to up your game, Gooten is an absolute must-try – it's turned my passion into a successful business venture!

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14. September 2023

I recently started using this print-on-demand service, and so far, my experience has been quite positive. Here's a breakdown of my thoughts:


Affordable Pricing: One of the standout features of this service is its competitive pricing. Compared to other print-on-demand providers I've used, this service offers some of the best rates, allowing me to maintain a healthier profit margin.

Seamless Integration: Linking my online shop with this service was a breeze. The connection is fast and nearly instantaneous, which is a significant advantage for any e-commerce business. It saves me time and ensures my products are readily available to customers.

Variety of Products: I appreciate the wide range of products available for customization. It enables me to offer diverse merchandise to my customers, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Mockup Generator for Canvas Wrap: While the service's mockup generator works well for framed canvas products, there is room for improvement when it comes to canvas wraps. Enhancing this feature would go a long way in helping customers visualize their purchases.

Overall, my initial experience with this print-on-demand service has been positive. The combination of affordable pricing, seamless integration, and a variety of products make it a valuable resource for my business. I hope to see improvements in the mockup generator in the future to further enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, I would recommend this service to fellow entrepreneurs and with a few refinements, it has the potential to become even more exceptional.

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Bearbeitet am 28. April 2018

After using Gooten for over a year, I've become quite familiar with the quality of the products and the customer service. Customer Service is outstanding. I've never had to wait more than a few hours for a response to an email. If there's any issue with a product, Gooten jumps through hoops to get you a replacement ASAP.

Most of their products are very good. Their sherpa fleece blanket is outstanding in both quality of print and the material itself. It's a thick, heavy and warm blanket. The Duvet Cover was good, but the print wasn't quite as sharp as a competitor's, and the material wasn't as thick and durable as I would have liked. The suede pillow and pet bed were both nice, but the image wasn't as sharp as I would have liked. However, the wall tapestry and tote bags were great in both quality of product and quality of print.

Rodifer Animation Company
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24. April 2020

Gooten has helpful support. I had something go missing in transit and they were very helpful. They have a variety of items for POD too, depending on what you sell, this can be a huge benefit.

Roxx n' Rule
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27. April 2020

So far I have used this app for pillow cases, zipper pouches, and wrapped canvases. I wasn't crazy about the canvas but I LOVE the zipper pouches and pillow cases. It has been simple so far. I think the art upload/edit area could be improved but so far I have enjoyed it and plan to add more of their products.

Kate Shore Art
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27. April 2020

I've used the app so far for the accessory pouches, scarves, weekender totes & wrapped canvases. I think all the products mentioned above except for the scarf has pretty good base & printing quality. My designs & artwork colors are well represented on the products. I would like to grow my scarf business significantly but don't feel the base fabric they use scarves is fashionable, or comfortable for wearing, it is very transparent so designs created print out with a more "transparent look". Would love if they keep the sizes of scarves offered but offer more "opaque" based fabrics like cotton, satin, crepe etc. so design artwork can really pop like it does on most scarves from other manufacturers.GREAT customer service-they usually get back to you within 24 hours, REALLY appreciate that. Last Christmas one of my customers orders was lost in mail and they immediately sent out a replacement- I highly applaud that!! Come visit us at WWW,SAYCREDBLU.COM

Trinidad und Tobago
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