Gooten: Print on Demand

Gooten: Print on Demand

by Gooten

Automatic fulfillment & operations for fast-growing stores

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Custom Family Gifts

They claim to be Print-on-demand but do not have order notes.
If you use this app, you cannot offer expedited shipping. All orders are made to be standard and there is no way to update it.
In short, the app sucks.

The company, shipped flawed canvases and refused to replace citing damage was within their threshold. Hope your customers enjoy their threshold.

Software is really awful. Prepare to accidentally cancel orders, not understand how to ship internationally.

Printful is much better in every way.

Developer reply

February 3, 2020

We’re so sorry to hear about these issues. We’ve reviewed your support requests and see that our support specialist issued a reprint for this order; damage is never okay with us, and we will always make it right as long as we know about it. Please let us know if you have any concerns with the new canvas.

Gooten offers expedited shipping and worldwide shipping as an option, with very few exceptions on very few products. For our Shopify partners who want to offer standard, expedited, and overnight shipping options, we recommend installing the Advanced Shipping Rules app. This provides a seamless shipping experience for your customers. We’d be happy to help walk you through setting that up!

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We take all feedback from our partners very seriously and have passed your suggestion for gift/order notes on to our Product Team. We are working hard to get this enabled across all of our manufacturers to ensure a consistent experience regardless of the product you order or the manufacturer that produces it.


Have a problem with an order on a Friday? Wait until Monday for an answer. Have a problem on a Teusday wait 24 hours. This business model isn't viable without quick support, be sure to use a fulfillment app that has responsive support, not GOOTEN.

Combat Miniatures

No phone available for quick Customer Service questions. Had doubled an order by accident and since it took them a day to respond via email it was too late to cancel and it cost me money. Took no responsibility and my Customer made out with (2) items. Congrats. Not sure how a company can run a business without a Customer Support Phone number. There are plenty of other POD companies out there. Choose another. Had another issue on a Image, which you can find on Products being sold on Amazon and Walmart, and the Customer agent via email was arguing with me about it being inappropriate.


I can't recommend this app in good faith to other sellers.
Most of their items are supposed to ship within 4 business days however they often miss this deadline. This will result in your orders arriving late, which will result in upset customers and will negatively impact your business.

Gooten is not a company you should trust with your store's reputation as they will inevitably damage it. They have poor customer service that isn't proactive, doesn't take accountability and consistently makes excuses about late orders.

I've gone as far as to reach out directly to their CEO Brian Rainey and CTO/Co-founder Micah Smith about my problems but did not get any response.


They take FOREVER to ship, and the product arrived damaged (Bent paper, was obviously no from shipping) and the print had red lines around the text. Very disappointed in not only the time frame but the product.

Thumbs Pets

Horrible experience! I have had them for a couple of years now. I put up with technical mock-up and platform issues, misunderstandings, language barrier, slow and robotic customer service, but now they went one step further after I got upset. They pushed my design to production without approval and without solving the image issue. On top of pushing faulty products into production without prior approval (I do the approval manually once the issue is solved), they overcharged me for shipping! Their new and supposedly improved technical platform is a failure. There is no way to see a mock-up because there is no proper mock-up. There is no way to see the newly uploaded image or move it, you have to do it from a different page- the whole thing is complex and doing it blindly does not help. Each time I explained this I received the same robotic reply. I was patient, but when they push unresolved images into production without approval and overcharge me, that is unacceptable. Not only I don't recommend them, but I would say AVOID, unless you want to lose your mind and waste your time and money. They are marketing everywhere and trying to acquire new people, but they do NOT care about their customers. I hope no one else has to go through this.

The Planet Patron

Tried to test one product. The wrong material was sent 3 times. They sent 2 replacement orders and a refund on the third, but are now still claiming the material was cotton. They all say 100% polyester fiber on the tag and I sent numerous images! It's either a scam or one heck of a delusion.

Mister Romper

3 out of 4 orders, didn't receive their destination. The shirts that I received contained printing errors. Please move on to another company if you want to save time and stress.

Nevermore Ranch

DO NOT USE! WORST SERVICE EVER! Will ruin your business! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! RUINS STARTUPS!! Placed an order June 6th. "Guarantees 4th day ship." Today is June 26th. It has not even shipped. They could not manage to print a simple white Tee. After tons of emails arguing about shipping my product, they refused and issued a refund. They have the rudest customer service who want to question what to do?? You ask for your order and they act confused. This is the worst thing. Don't waste time building your company around this kind of crap. You will be sorry.

Don't bother. It is a waste of time to put effort into building your site, spending hours upon hours dedicated to adding and creating products for your business and website, only to find that the service provider cannot deliver. This is a lot of money and time down the drain.

I did find several articles comparing different services out there for this type of service. What I found was that Printful is a better option that does not require a monthly fee. However, if you do the math, Printify will in the end, give a better ROI or profit margin, even with the $29 monthly fee.

So there are options. But this place, don't even have a way to phone them, and stopped having the live chat option for customer service. So you are left with arguing with people through emails that take days and nothing gets accomplished to fix your issues. I'd suggest you try the other options first. :)

My Sassy Gifts

As a small business, I am all about cheering on companies. I know crap happens and am always willing to give second and even third chances. My head is still spinning from this experience though, but my 3 biggest complaints are:

1. I connected with Etsy and Shopify. I added three products. Within a couple of hours, the products somehow un-synced themselves. I wrote customer service. They wrote back a day later and just said it must be a glitch - sorry, but here's how to fix it. I was a little irritated on day one I had to re-sync items myself without any explanation as to why this happened to begin with. However, crap happens, so I shrugged my shoulders and tried again. I re-synced and added a couple other items. They all un-synced again. I was told their tech team was looking into it and they closed my case right away. Haven't heard back. After a few days, I wrote about the problem again and just got a "so sorry to hear you had issues" response. No help. No answers. Nada. Zilch.

2. My biggest gripe about the actual process of loading products is that other sites let you list various styles in one listing (Printful, teesource, etc) AND you can use the same design file for all products. Each product had various file size requirements, so I couldn't use the same file for a t-shirt as for a hoodie...but you can't use too big of a file for smaller products either. Ridiculous. I ordered a variety of products from 5 other sites and not one of them ever fussed about files and the products turned out great! Furthermore, I had to list every style separately on Gooten, which for SEO reasons, I hated.

3. I ordered samples and have yet to receive them. They are still in production. I ordered sample products from other sites AFTER this sample order and have them back. Dear Gooten, if you can't send out samples in a timely matter, how can I trust you will ship customer orders according to YOUR own set timelines? There are no holidays right now either. I've messaged - no explanation. I asked for my sample order to just be canceled then. They said they couldn't because it is in production. I don't see anywhere where samples have a much longer processing time then regular orders. I might have to get my credit card company involved since they haven't met their own turnaround time and aren't very helpful in offering insight.

Like I said earlier, I've ordered from 5 other companies and didn't have ONE problem. I wanted to go with Gooten because they had all the products I wanted to offer, so I wouldn't need more than one app, but I can't believe how horrible of experience this was. I'm glad to find out right away instead of having customers breathing down my neck on top of it all.

Steer clear Shopify friends.

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