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My Sassy Gifts

As a small business, I am all about cheering on companies. I know crap happens and am always willing to give second and even third chances. My head is still spinning from this experience though, but my 3 biggest complaints are:

1. I connected with Etsy and Shopify. I added three products. Within a couple of hours, the products somehow un-synced themselves. I wrote customer service. They wrote back a day later and just said it must be a glitch - sorry, but here's how to fix it. I was a little irritated on day one I had to re-sync items myself without any explanation as to why this happened to begin with. However, crap happens, so I shrugged my shoulders and tried again. I re-synced and added a couple other items. They all un-synced again. I was told their tech team was looking into it and they closed my case right away. Haven't heard back. After a few days, I wrote about the problem again and just got a "so sorry to hear you had issues" response. No help. No answers. Nada. Zilch.

2. My biggest gripe about the actual process of loading products is that other sites let you list various styles in one listing (Printful, teesource, etc) AND you can use the same design file for all products. Each product had various file size requirements, so I couldn't use the same file for a t-shirt as for a hoodie...but you can't use too big of a file for smaller products either. Ridiculous. I ordered a variety of products from 5 other sites and not one of them ever fussed about files and the products turned out great! Furthermore, I had to list every style separately on Gooten, which for SEO reasons, I hated.

3. I ordered samples and have yet to receive them. They are still in production. I ordered sample products from other sites AFTER this sample order and have them back. Dear Gooten, if you can't send out samples in a timely matter, how can I trust you will ship customer orders according to YOUR own set timelines? There are no holidays right now either. I've messaged - no explanation. I asked for my sample order to just be canceled then. They said they couldn't because it is in production. I don't see anywhere where samples have a much longer processing time then regular orders. I might have to get my credit card company involved since they haven't met their own turnaround time and aren't very helpful in offering insight.

Like I said earlier, I've ordered from 5 other companies and didn't have ONE problem. I wanted to go with Gooten because they had all the products I wanted to offer, so I wouldn't need more than one app, but I can't believe how horrible of experience this was. I'm glad to find out right away instead of having customers breathing down my neck on top of it all.

Steer clear Shopify friends.

Jurassic Robot

Here's a message I sent to their customer support a few moments ago:


I don't have a request. Just want to make a statement that hopefully someone in your company will see.

I have a new Shopify store and am considering which vendor to use for POD. I've connected Printful, Printify, and Teespring so far; am considering Custom Cat. I've gone back and forth about which vendor to use but then ran across you. Great products, excellent prices. I was worried about some of the negative reviews in the app store -- specifically difficulties getting the app to work, and in how it's set up as a workflow. I decided not to sell t-shirts through you because the thought of uploading a design for *every single variation* of a product made me want to scream.

So I was going to do some of my products with you -- ones without a bunch of variation per item. And... went to try to set up an account. First I get a security warning that won't let me proceed. So I figured I'd give it a minute and move forward. Then I returned a few minutes later, but because I'd entered my email address *but wasn't able to continue setting up* it said there was already an email address in use. Okayyyy, I'll pick a different email address. Then I try to set up my account and connect to my Shopify store. I enter the information and hit the button "connect my store," it connects for a few moments... then the screen returns, with the wrong information in the Company Name and Shopify URL fields. Try again. Same thing. After each time of trying to connect my Gooten account with Shopify, I return to the Shopify Apps page to see if it's there. Nope. I tried this a few times and I give up.

Guys: nothing on your site seems to work! I'm sorry but all those people complaining on the product reviews are trying to tell you something. I've connected now 3 POD apps and they took moments and were a breeze.

I really wish you'd get your act together. Because as it is, there's no way on this green earth I'd continue to press on *even if* I could eventually connect my store... there are just too many problems here, and I've only just gotten started. Who knows what would come up down the line when I actually had customers on the line getting frustrated.

Please get it together, Gooten!


So far this company has been a bit of a let down. They lost my order and can't seem to find it. I hope they can get better organized and have better customer service in the future! Additionally this company tried charging me again and sending me incorrect information that did not pertain to me.


Absolutely the WORST company to use for POD. I paid full price for a test print on a product. The resulting color print was COMPLETELY OFF. They refused to do a reprint and suggested another full price charge on a sample that was supposedly their own fault for not printing the correct color. I would give 0 stars if possible. They obviously are not interested in getting sales from my 500,000 customer base. Companies like this will be out of business soon.

Only Assholes

Installed this app as they have a nice selection of items - placed a test order and the items took forever to ship. Actually am still waiting on most of them.

Pigh Designs

Gooten was a nightmare! The customer service issues over the holidays were the last straw for me. Just as in any line of work, you know the holiday is coming, so be prepared for it. Gooten’s prices are very competitive, but the amount of time I have to spend due to all of the issues and not being able to provide good customer service left me no choice but to switch fulfillment companies. I made the mistake of trying them again for an international order last month – which reminded me exactly why I won’t use them!!! And prompted me to finally submit this review. I don’t see them improving, especially with condescending reps.

I do hope they can work out these problems, but I’m not sure how I would ever know if or when they get so many and such large problems sorted out. I am happy with my current fulfillment company they just cost more, but it’s worth it for things to run smoothly, so I don’t see any turning back.

1.) Quality: Gooten products are outsourced and there is no quality control like with other companies. T-shirts are taken off the printer hot, crumpled into a ball & sent to the customers that way! Sometimes the graphics stick to themselves as a result and arrive damaged. If you do not choose a SKU with an underbase, they will go ahead and print it without one and send it to the customer even though the design does not even show up on the shirt. They have a good point that some people ‘want’ a vintage look. But in my cases it was obviously not wanted for the graphic to not show up at all - the point is there is no quality control, it is as if nobody even sees the finished product or cares how it looks. Sometimes the graphics are also crooked.
2.) Shipping: The t-shirt vendor for my products only ships DHL express, so it takes customers over a week to get their orders even after the week it takes to make the shirt(s). If you ship international the order just shows in limbo forever and there is no way to track anything about it. This past month my order just sat somewhere ‘unscanned’ for several weeks with no way to know there was a problem.
3.) Platform: I had a pretty good experience with the platform until they implemented their ‘hub’ and now it is a nightmare. This happened as I was taking my Etsy business to Shopify and building a Shopify store. I had to put off launching my Shopify store for months because I either can’t get my products to stay linked or the fact that it now takes hours to build a single product with multiple variants. You can no longer use a CSV with Shopify without it unlinking all the products on Gooten’s end and having to start over linking every single SKU and graphic. It is very error-prone since you have to completely reselect every SKU and graphic without even a heading at the top as to which shirt design you are working on! Product write-ups are overridden when syncing, so you have to copy and paste those every time you make a change or add a variant. I’ve tried working with them but there is no phone number just email and it’s just too much for me to spend hours, days, weeks and months helping them fix their whole business.
4.) Mockup errors: Many shirts are mocked up with the wrong image color. I have learned that since switching fulfillment companies. So I was using the wrong graphics colors at times the whole time because I thought the mockup was the actual color of the shirt. Also it makes the customer-facing mockups misleading, as people think they are purchasing the color shown.
5.) Customer service: Customer support was the reason I stuck it out and gave them such a long time to get things right; they were great up until I had some problems around the holidays, and then some got condescending. One of my customers received a defective product, and they could not do anything at all to expedite the shirt to her…I couldn’t even pay for anything to be done. The production is outsourced, and there was nothing they could do to get the vendor to prioritize the problems. Also the vendor doesn’t offer any shipping except DHL Express, so I was stuck providing a level of customer service that is not acceptable for my business. I made the mistake of trying Gooten again this past month for an international order, and when my customer made a mistake in the address I got another condescending response (the same lady, I believe!) in a very punishing reply. I get it, someone made a mistake, just help me move forward and take care of the customer!!
6.) ‘Expedited’ inconsistency: There is a huge confusion regarding expedited processing versus expedited shipping. I pay for expedited processing every single time I place an order…it isn’t much and is supposed to bump up the processing time from 12 days to 6 days. But expedited shipping has never been an option. I would use it every time if it were! Some people at Gooten use the two terms interchangeably and even tell me that expedited processing isn’t an option…even though I pay for exactly that every single time I place an order!

I'm exhausted; which is how I usually felt back when I was using Gooten!


to difficult to use compared to other POD apps. I think they spent to much time on design and not enough on user friendliness



I've had to contact support multiple times to fix issues with orders.

I have about 25-50 orders that should have made it by Christmas, but have some unknown hold on them. I have not been reached out to about this, and new orders continue to be put on hold.

It would be nice if they fixed this issue or gave you some sort of reason your order goes on hold.

As far as I know, the quality of products is nice, when they actually do get sent.

Update 1/8/18:

STILL have not fixed this issue. Support finally responded, about 5 days after my initial email. However, did not fix the issue.

Kill Devil Graphics

When I created a product, It disappeared upon saving. I could only find again after trying to create the product again. Nothing but grief trying to get this app to work. Saving one section on a page meant losing another section on that page. Great selection of products, lots of potential. It just wouldn't work for me, and it wouldn't load pages consistently. (was working with phone cases)

R A W Ts

I am very disappointed, I am ready to go to work and create designs for my business and for the life of me...cannot even figure out how and where to begin. There is NO information on how it all works for your own designs

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