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Puff Paper Co

I have been using Gooten for a few years now, and it really helped tremendously in growing my online business. There are some kinks along the way, but they always try their best to resolve it. The prices are competitive and I highly recommend giving them a try!

Linear Edge

The Gooten team has been very helpful in getting our products set up and linked to be fulfilled. We have tried the top 3 and they are the best out of them.


I have been using gooten now for 5+ years so I've watched them grow. I really enjoy using their system, and being able to frontload the work and get products uploaded ahead of time makes daily orders a breeze. I highly recommend trying them out!

Color And Flair

I've been using Gooten for about a year now, mostly for mugs. I ordered myself a mug sample before starting and I was very happy with the print quality. I have since sold several mugs and have no customer complaints which is great. Processing times are great and shipping is easy to track. My only concern is shipping seems expensive.


I was manually placing orders through Canvas on Demand, placing a bunch of other orders through a local printshop for paper posters, and basically if I was on vacation or was out for a few days, orders wouldn't get placed because even my business partner had no idea how I was juggling all these manual tasks and keeping track of manual order confirmation emails, etc. Until I was introduced to Gooten.

Gooten solved ALL my problems. My clients place their orders, they get fulfilled automatically, and they receive shipping notifications without me having to do ANYTHING.

The setup process was easy, and we were up and running in a couple of weeks - mainly because I was experimenting with a lot of non-essential stuff.

I highly recommend Gooten to anyone who wants a hands-off approach to selling posters or canvases.

The West Wing Lives

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I've been with Gooten for 3 years now. They've always been a great company to work with. They almost always have the best prices and they've really expanded their selection since the early days. The fulfillment process with shopify is seamless. Customer service was excellent at first; now it's very good. They're a little slower to respond but are ALWAYS very helpful and really follow up.

Erin McGuire Photography

I ordered one sample of each item I plan on using and love all of them! The acrylic blocks are my favorite and I could not find them offered anywhere else. They are just gorgeous! There is fabulous detail in the prints and the color matching is really good and the thick acrylic makes from some fascinating effects.

I keep seeing comments about how Gooten doesn't do their own printing. I do not see how this can be considered a problem as many of the other POD don't do their own printing either, including some POD favorites used by thousands of people. I would not let that dissuade you if you are on the fence about Gooten like I was. Install the app and order some samples and see for yourself.

Their response time to my inquiries was very fast and they answered all of my questions satisfactorily. Production times are all listed for all products and while new partners like me might wait a little longer at the start for quality control, production times will speed up a bit. And in comparison to another POD service I use, their production times are understandable.

Acrylic Diva

Gooten has stellar customer service! Wow! Last week I had a shipment that came late from Gooten and it had all kinds of stickers on it and looked like it had been drug under a truck. I contacted Gooten and sent a picture of the package. They not only got back to me with details, they refunded the order for my trouble. Super customer service always. And if I have a question, I almost always get an email answer the very next day.

As an aside, the products are great too. I have created custom pillows, scarves, tote bags, journals and greeting cards. The quality is great and my designs look wonderful. And everything is made in the USA! That's a big selling point and I can highlight that on every product.

Thanks Gooten!

Folk N Funky

FolkNFunky fully recommends Gooten!
We have been with Gooten for four years. The customer service is outstanding. Gooten has helped us grow far bigger than we thought possible when starting. The product selection, quality, and turn around time are very good. The staff actually cares about their customers and are very personable. We plan on using Gooten for years to come, in our opinion, they are simply the best!

Ivan Guaderrama Wholesale

Our experience with Gooden has been outstanding in every respect and aspect of the operation of our retail and wholesale stores. From the very beginning when we decided to transition from our old platform to Gootens´, the personalized customer service we have received during the whole transition process and since fully operating live, has been superb. Every single issue and particularity of our needs has been expedited and thoroughly resolved in time and form. We are very happy, it has made our operation much easier and effective.

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