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GOTit Connect

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List & Sell your products on GOTit to millions of shoppers

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有關 GOTit Connect

What is GOTit Social Shopping? GOTit is a Social Shopping marketplace mobile App, bringing together stores and products all shoppable from one place. It's the Instagram of shopping. For shoppers, it’s a way to discover and buy products from stores both big and small. For merchants, GOTit is a place to market and sell your products to millions of users who come to do nothing but shop.

GOTit is the a leading social shopping market place. The mobile app is available on both Apple and Google Play App Stores (Look for GOTit - Social Shopping)

Listing products on GOTit presents the following three benefits:

  1. Product boost functionality to get in front of new audiences.
  2. Saves sellers investment into mobile app development and subsequent enhancements.
  3. No listing fee, no monthly fee, and no account fee. Sellers are charged only when sales happen.

What is GOTit Connect? GOTit Connect is our integration app that connects your Shopify store to GOTit Social Shopping App (GOTit) , and will help you sell on GOTit in an easy manner. You will get various features through which you can easily list your products on GOTit, perform changes in them and sync your orders on your Shopify store from GOTit Connect.

COMPELLING FEATURES: The app achieves complete automation of online sales-related operations. Some features are listed below:

  1. Instant Order Management: GOTit Connect allows you manage all orders that are received through GOTit directly to your Shopify store. You can manage full order life cycle and communication with your buyer and in full synchronization

  2. Real Time Synchronization: To achieve a seamless selling experience, you will find Real-Time Syncing Scenario in GOTit Connect. Your inventory level, pricing. shipping costs will be up to date with your Shopify store.

3.Manage Customer Interactions: As GOTit is a social shopping app, customers interact with sellers before, during and after they place an order. You can manage all of these interactions through GOTit connect, provide a great customer experience increase conversion and customer retention.

Who can sell on GOTit? Any store that offers products that are shipped to the US WITHIN 10 DAYS! can sell on the app. We have built over the last years a strong and reliable brand, and we provide a superb customer experience. We therefore have zero tolerance for low level of service to our customers. You will be required to keep a high level of service to sell on GOTit.

We hope you will enjoy your experience on GOTit and increase your sales. We would love to hear from you and get your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to contact us



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GOTit charges a 20% fee only on completed sales, (minimum $8, cap $100 per item sold). No installation or monthly fees.

2.7 5 顆星

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It's not working and I have tried to contact them (sent email), no one answers. don't install this app!


The store was somehow disconnected and just get a message "Please contact GOTit customer service to enable your account. I Sent in messages to customer support. Customer support told me to contact store support. I have sent at least 2 messages to store support over a month ago and no one has messaged me back with any help at all.

Rivera's Boutique

refund given for the unsuccessful sales. They responded quickly and took care of the issue.

If you have this app installed, check your billing.
Every other day I am getting asked "Please Complete store payment configurations". Another thing i noticed. It's 2 charges on 2 failed orders. Emailed support. Please refund and Fix. your fees are only when Something is sold. not when payment fail.
This should not happen. Now i have to check my other store. review will be updated once fixed Uninstalled app from both of my stores.