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Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

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Sell more to customers - Product bundles and recommendations

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Personalized Product Bundles

GP syncs with your user and sales data. AI finds products and optimises which combinations items increase cart value just like Amazon.

Boost Sales - Optimal Bundles

Allow customers to instantly add products to their cart that are frequently purchased together with one click. Add also Bundle discounts.

Automate Segmentation

Track performance of different customer segments and use the data to optimize your site design, product mix, inventory, operations and mktg.

Über Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

About Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

GraphPath is a group of full time expert ecommerce developers who create easy to use tools that optimize shopify sites.

Research Suggests 10% – 30% of ecommerce revenue comes from product bundles.

How do I put product recommendations and bundles on my shopify site?

GP - AI Product Bundles makes it effortless. In a few clicks you will be able to display enterprise level AI product recommendations just like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Try it for free.

Can I Offer Discounts?

Of course! You can easily offer a percentage based discount if a user purchases a bundle.

How it works

Graphpath uses powerful algorithms to analyze your store order history and customer profiles to generate smart bundles and product recommendations on your product page.

How are the bundles displayed?

Customize it so it fits with your store or use our default settings! Use the settings page to tune the font styling, colours, and more to match your brand and theme. Choose from a set of pre-designed beautiful layouts or fully customize one for your store.

Display the recommendations on any page. Customers can add the upsells with a single click.

Stellar Customer Support

This is not a side project. We are full time ecommerce experts working at GraphPath. We guarantee a 24 hour response time. Reach out for help on installation, design, or any problems that arise. We have a dedicated team to always support your store.



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  • Plan automatically applied to all stores until 3 bundle sales are reached
  • Unlimited products and traffic
  • Personalized support



  • Plan automatically applied to stores that reach 3 bundle sales
  • Unlimited products and traffic
  • Personalized support

* Alle Gebühren werden in USD berechnet. Wiederkehrende Gebühren, einschließlich monatlicher oder nutzungsabhängiger Gebühren, werden alle 30 Tage in Rechnung gestellt.

4.4 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Blisse Lov Store

Good support from Jaime, and solve my problems then. Easy to use, just follow the instructions given, everything looks good. The appearance of the bundle is very attractive!

Cymbal House

It looked promising first. But there are several bugs and design issues which could have been resolvable. The developer responded (finally) and placing these issues on backlog to work on. Once these are done, we will reinstall the app again. Still think this app is going to be a good one for bundling products.

Antwort des Entwicklers

18. Mai 2021

Hello Cymbal House! Thank you for the feedback. We attempt to respond to every customer support request and intercom request we see. In this case, we see actually responded to your specific issues and feature requests and have been in direct communication with you, and said we'd have a response by end of day today. As we are a relatively new product, our product may not have all the features you were requesting, or may have specific functional limitations based on your store's unique configuration, and thus may not fit your need. We appreciate your support and business.


I am just testing this app, some bugs where promptly fixed by a great and fast support, not it is all working :) many thanks!