Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

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Sell more to customers with smart product bundles and upsells

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Personalized Recommendations

Shops like Gymshark use AI to power their product bundling and upsells, and now you can use the same to create personalized recommendations.

Boost Sales

We automatically analyze store data to create smart upsell bundles on your product page that customers are more likely to buy.

Customer Segmentation

Offer different product bundles and upsells based on customer purchase and profile history and track performance of different segments.

À propos de Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

GraphPath provides a portfolio of AI-based tools for you to increase Average Order Value.

Effortless Product Bundling

Graphpath brings smart product recommendations and upsells to Shopify in the simplest way. In just a few clicks, have an enterprise level AI powered recommendation engine powering your Shopify store.

How it works

Graphpath uses powerful algorithms to analyze your store order history and customer profiles to generate smart bundles and product recommendations on your product page.

How are the bundles displayed?

When a customer visits the product page they will be able to see the smart product bundles.

One Click Upsell

With a single click, the smart bundles are added to your customer's cart. The Graphpath process is easy for them and boosts sales for you.

Customizable User Interface

Use the settings page to tune the font styling, colours, and more to match your brand and theme. Choose from a set of pre-designed beautiful layouts or fully customize one for your store.

Stellar Customer Support

We guarantee a 24 hour response time. Reach out for help on installation, design, or any problems that arise. We have a dedicated team to always support your store.

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3.6 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

Rhonda World

Was really excited to try this but got error messages every time I tried to go through the activation instructions. Used the chat support in the app to file a ticket and never heard back so I'm deleting and going with a different app for this function.

Réponse du développeur

23 février 2021

Hello Rhonda! We respond to every chat message but in your case we received no response. We are always available to schedule a call / book a time to walk you through the process of installation and better understand your needs. You can schedule a call with us here:


Graphpath is a great bundling app!! Best of all, is their support, they are attentive to any request and have even added features that we have recommended! Keep up the great work


GraphPath is great! It worked perfectly for my needs. Bundling product in an intelligent manner and data driven without me having to do it manually (YAY!!!)