Green Shipping Protection

Green Shipping Protection

af Corso

Carbon offsets, Order Protection and Dedicated Support

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Carbon Offsetting

Make it easy for customers to do right by the planet by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions associated with shipping their order.

Shipping Protection

Porch pirates beware—Corso protects against theft, damage, and carrier mishandling to ensure your customers are happy, goods in hand.

Dedicated Support

When things go wrong, Corso is there to make it right. We act as an extension of your customer support to quickly resolve shipping issues.

Om Green Shipping Protection

What is Corso Green Shipping Protection?

Corso was designed to combat two major issues facing e-commerce merchants: negative climate impact and lost or damaged package issues.

Adding Corso to your checkout elevates your brand experience by allowing your customers to offset their carbon footprint as well as be protected from porch pirates, damaged packages from carrier mishandling and lost shipments for around 2% of their order value.

Corso will also act as an extension of your customer support to quickly resolve issues related to shipping issues.

How does Corso work on my store?

After installing the Corso app, one of our team members will reach out directly to help you place the widget onto your cart. It requires a small code injection into your theme and the app will start working right away!

How does Corso work for my customers?

The Corso app will live seamlessly in your checkout experience. Our goal is to keep your brand experience cohesive, so our app will take on the appearance of your theme as to not disrupt what you’ve created.

The customer will have the option to add Green Shipping Protection to their order for 2% of their cart value.

Corso will calculate the customer’s carbon footprint and the cost to offset as well as the protection fee, which will be added at checkout.

The customer will then receive an email notification from Corso letting them know they have purchased Green Shipping Protection and they can reach out directly to the Corso team with any questions regarding a shipping issue.

In the case of an order issue, the customer can reach out directly to Corso to have the order replaced at no charge to you, the merchant. Once they submit their issue, they'll have a resolution in the form of a new item or refund in less than 24 hours.

Help Protect The Planet

The carbon offset funds will be contributed to a project that has been carefully selected and been ethically proven. We are as committed as you and your customers are to improving the environment and well-being of our planet.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply click the button labeled “Add App”. Log into Shopify if necessary, and you'll be prompted to give us just enough permission to place the widget on your storefront.




Gratis at installere

This app is free to merchants and only collects the funds charged to customers for shipping protection or carbon offsets

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For eco-minded customers or people who are trying to protect their orders, Corso delivers exactly what they are looking for. Adding this app to our store was a no-brainer for us.

LOVE the mission of Corso and being able to offer my customers a Carbon Offset for shipping. I've had several customer ask for this, so glad that I can finally offer it. Installation was seamless and team was responsive.


Essential for an eco-friendly business. A great option for the customer and our store. Integration was seamless.

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5. oktober 2021

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