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Developed by Lister Technologies

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  • Seamless two way integration between Shopify and popular marketing platforms including MailChimp and Oracle Responsys
  • Build comprehensive customer segments and perform RFM analysis in real time
  • Derive actionable insights that result in improved retention, higher conversions and better cross-sell success

Greyferret is a powerful insights and intelligence tool for optimizing online customer engagement and marketing ROI. Greyferret sits between your Shopify store and your marketing services platform serving as the conduit of reliable, relevant and timely customer centric insights.

Greyferret helps build comprehensive consumer segments, identify customers’ behavior in real time and drive definitive marketing campaigns that create mutual value for stakeholders and customers.

Greyferret's features equip it to be the most reliable, rapid, and responsive tool for optimizing your marketing strategies, highlights being

  • Dig - Seamlessly connect Shopify to multiple marketing platforms like MailChimp and Oracle Responsys

  • Discover- Aggregate vital consumer behavior data based on WHAT customers have purchased, HOW FREQUENTLY and HOW MUCH they spend, build smart segments and obtain actionable insights

  • Drive - Leverage Algorithms that push smarter, relevant segments back to customers’ marketing platforms and drive targeted response campaigns

Greyferret helps ecommerce stakeholders to

  • Improve Retention: Proactively identify and engage customers at risk today or those that could in the future. Entice lost and inactive customers with meaningful win-back marketing actions

    • Optimize Conversions by Purchase Propensity: Predict ideal segments for a product cross sell and vice versa

    • Look Alike Targeting: Make optimal recommendations to new acquisitions based on consumer trends across demographic and geographic indicators

    • Tip Over: Influence last mile conversion by winning over ‘engaged’ but under-monetized customers

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