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  • Save hundreds of dollars every month in product, shipping costs & customer service time by not shipping errors.
  • GroovePacker greatly reduces training time so you can add warehouse staff quickly and easily.
  • Cut Order Packing Time while increasing accuracy. Your staff can pack quickly and confidently knowing every item is correct.

Shipping errors cost your business time, money & even customers, every month. We believe that every packer can consistently pack perfect orders with the right system in place. We've designed GroovePacker to be the foundation of that system. GroovePacker integrates into your current shipping work-flow, so you can easily add barcode scan and pack verification without changing how you manage orders or print labels. Packing orders with GroovePacker is like using a digital packing slip that shows you an image of each item to be packed and provides audio & visual feedback as it's scanned. GroovePacker catches any potential errors and assures you the contents of every order is correct.

To maintain accuracy your packers now have to double or, in some cases, triple check what is packed. This tedious practice is inefficient and ultimately ineffective at preventing errors. Each time errors are discovered conscientious packers slow down even more to prevent further errors. Packing verification breaks this cycle and allows your packers to operate at full speed, confidently packing items as GroovePacker verifies each one. The result is an increase in both packing speed and order accuracy.

Shopify & GroovePacker

Our free Shopify app allows you to create a connection between Shopify and GroovePacker with a few clicks. Daily orders can then be imported for Scan and Pack verification. If you have barcodes saved with each of your products in Shopify the products found in the imported orders will be created and ready for scanning with no additional setup. If you're already using an order manager like ShipStation or ShipWorks, and importing orders from several other channels as well as Shopify, it's possible to have GroovePacker download orders direct from your order manager.

Once your orders are imported, displaying an order for scan & pack in GroovePacker is very easy. Packing slips with the order number included as a barcode can be printed from your current system or from GroovePacker. Each packing slip in the stack can then be scanned in turn to cue up each order for packing. If you do not wish to use packing slips you can key in the order number or ctrl-click any order number in the list to begin packing it.


  • Multiple SKUs and Barcodes are supported for each product

  • Full support for scanning kits, allowing inventory to be deducted for the kit itself or individual part items

  • Customizable User Roles make it easy to control access for different users

  • Product images are imported and used to assist packers

  • Groovepacker updates your physical inventory count as shipments are packed giving you a real time count of physical inventory

  • Internal barcodes can be instantly generated from your existing SKUs

  • Easily print product barcodes directly from Groovepacker

  • Leave special notes to be displayed during the packing of an order, ie "include a product catalog"

  • Attach reminders that will be displayed every time time a specific product is shipped, ie "make sure cap is on securely"

  • Never before shipped products are automatically created in the software, ready to be configured (if necessary) and used

  • Receiving and Recounting inventory features fully utilize scanning to make entry fast and accurate

  • Receive low inventory alerts by email

  • Edit quantities and order items directly in GroovePacker

  • Record serial numbers when shipping high value products

  • All scans and the user who scanned are logged with each order for an effective audit trail

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Really great app for those that need a packing and shipping process. Always know where at in the process you are and your employees. This will speed up your workflow significantly and give you insight into your warehouse operations.


This app requires GroovePacker, a stand alone web app. - View Our Pricing & Initialization Details

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