GP Lite Order Scanner

GP Lite Order Scanner

da Groove Industries

Stop Shipping Errors! Fool-Proof Barcode Pick Pack Scanning

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Fool Proof Packing Accuracy

Built from the ground up just for Shopify by the GroovePacker team. Instantly put 7 years of packing QC expertise behind your packer.

Fast Setup & Training

GroovePacker Lite's fast setup and ease-of-use ensure you'll be set up and scanning perfect orders in minutes! Pick Pack Perfection!


The amount you currently spend fixing packing mistakes covers the cost of this app several times over. Get paid to have happier customers!

Sobre GP Lite Order Scanner

-Eliminate packing errors and costly re-shipments with GroovePacker Lite

-Pair a Bluetooth scanner with your mobile device and scan on the go, or scan on a desktop, laptop or Chromebook

- Product bin locations can be saved for each product and displayed during scanning

Groovepacker Lite makes sure EVERY shipment is correct and complete. That sounds simple but it’s vitality important if you want to scale your business and minimize waste. Not only is it a waste of time, money and resources every time an error gets out the door, but it also has a massive impact on brand loyalty and our environment.

When we created the stand-alone Groovepacker app in 2014 our aim was to help growing businesses add barcode pick pack QC to their existing workflow.

Groovepacker Lite leverages years of experience and Shopify’s app architecture to create a QC system with a level of simplicity and ease-of-use that would not be possible any other way.

Setup and use is super fast and easy.

If your items are already barcoded, just save the Barcode value in Shopify and you're ready to go. You can even scan in and save missing UPCs as you find them while packing!

If your items are not barcoded by the manufacturer and you would like GroovePacker Lite to use the SKU of the item as the barcode, just check the option and you're all set. There's no need to purchase registered UPC codes or assign a separate barcode/upc for each item. Just print the SKU as a barcode using any barcode format your scanner can read (even 2D QR codes work great).

In most workflows, packing slips that include an order number barcode are printed and used as pick tickets for each order. (You can add a barcode to your own packing slip template or print a packing slip using GroovePacker Lite)

You can scan each shipment as it's picked or as it's packed (your choice depending on what works best for your warehouse). Save bin locations with your items that display during scanning to help your team efficiently locate products as they scan.

Just scan a packing slip to begin. The products in the order are shown, and every item is checked and counted as it's scanned. A loud buzzer alerts the packer when an incorrect item is scanned. The order will not be marked "Scanned" until every item has been scanned and verified.

No more mistakes, no more double-checks or second guesses, just perfect shipments with minimal effort. Order picking with perfect accuracy has never been easier.

Add GroovePacker lite today and begin a free 14-day trial so you can begin enjoying the benefits of perfect shipments.

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  • Fast and easy Barcode Scanning for perfect pick pack
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Supports all barcodes
  • Crazy simple setup and use
  • Unlimited Shipments



  • All Basic features
  • Save 3 bin locations per item/variant
  • Display bin locations during scanning
  • Priority Support

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Avaliações mais recentes

Low Carb Canada

Fantastic App. Easy to use and easy to integrate. Dan is very responsive to any questions you may have. Highly recommended.

Wag About It Pets

We were struggling with pack errors since hiring help. Mistakes on international shipments were killing us. I believe we tried every scanning app in the app store before settling on this one. My team and I felt it was the easiest to setup and so far it's been a game changer. Errors basically stopped from day one. Each time I hear the buzzer go off in the shipping room I know a potential error was stopped. We scanned in our UPCs and all barcodes are reading well. I'm using a socket scanner and an iphone. Tip for new socket mobile users: The power button on the scanner can be used to toggle the keyboard. You won't need to see the onscreen keyboard so hiding it frees up some screen real-estate. With this app we've eliminated the double-check step in our packing process so I would say we are processing as fast or faster than before. Downsides? Adding a barcode to the packing slips was a real struggle. I am reasonably savvy when it comes to HTML and CSS but despite a number of attempts, barcodes would not print. I reached out to support after giving it my best. I am really impressed with their responsiveness. They were very helpful and after some troubleshooting back and forth they were able to provide what I needed to paste in to make it work. I like that I can count on their team if I have issues. A short time after the resolution of the packing slip barcode issue they added packing slip printing to their app which we are now using. I'm glad to see developers that take customer feedback into account. I'm glad I found them and I would make the same choice again.

Prairie Wear

We use this app to scan orders at our Fulfillment Center. Since using this app the Pick Errors have gone down significantly. Recently they have added a feature to verify the shipping label one the order has been scanned. I like how adding this feature they have addressed the major areas of concern that may happen during fulfillment of orders. Their customer service is also great. They respond to concerns or issues very quickly and are very kind.