Group Shop: Cash Back Rewards

Group Shop: Cash Back Rewards

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Post purchase referrals, affiliates, cross sells, & up sells

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Up Sells & Cross Sells

Reward your customers for making repeat purchases from your store. Up selling & cross selling has never been easier.

Enhance Your Organic Reach

We make it extremely easy for your customers to shop with their friends on your store. Turn one customer into five with group shop.

Increase Product Discovery

Create a new & affordable product discovery channel. Acquire new customers efficiently & turn each customer into a brand influencer.

关于 Group Shop: Cash Back Rewards

Get & retain more customers without running ads. Create a private Group Shop page for your store & let your customers easily repeat shop & share your products with their friends. You make more organic sales & save money on ads while your customers get discounts & cash back rewards for shopping & sharing your products with friends, everyone wins!

How this works?

  1. Download & install the Group Shop app.

  2. Create a campaign & add products to your stores Group Shop.

  3. Once a customer completes a purchase on your store, a personalized Group Shop page with created. Your customers can share their Group Shop page with friends or shop from it on their own.

  4. Friends who shop the page get an exclusive discount & the customer who shared the page earns a cash back refund for each successful purchase made.

Why this works?

Everyone wins. Group Shop gives your customers a strong monetary incentive (cash back) to shop & share your products with friends.

How you win?

You get more customers & sales organically by building a referral & retention engine for your brand.


Up Sell & Cross Sell

With Group Shop your customers earn cash back rewards & discounts when they purchase more of your products. Customers can shop their own Group Shop or share it with friends you win either way.

No Friction

Your customers do not have to a create a Group Shop account or log in, Group Shop campaigns are auto opt-in & 100% frictionless.

Better Conversions

Our direct to checkout interface makes it extremely easy and quick for your customers to complete a Group Shop purchase.

Rich analytics

We provide you with deep analytics on your Group Shop campaign such as conversion rate, average order value, top referrer etc

Mobile Optimized

The Group Shop app works perfectly on all mobile devices.

Product discovery

You have full control over which products your customers see on their Group Shop page.

Accurate & direct sales attribution

Never worry about false referral sales attribution we only count sales that happen directly from a Group Shop page.

Full customization

Customize the look & feel of your Group Shop page, incorporate your brand colors and logo. Control where and how customers interact with your brands Group Shop page.

Easy setup

Download and set up a Group Shop campaign in less than 5 minutes.

100% automated

The group shop app is fully automated and runs on the back ground of your store generating you more organic sales.

Cash back rewards

Cash is the strongest incentive & biggest motivator. Give your customers cash back as a reward for each successful Group Shop purchase.

Amazing Support

Contact us via email or in-app chat and we will get back to you ASAP.



Start Up Plan


+12% of Group Shop generated revenue

  • Unlimited GROUPSHOP pages
  • Unlimited products per campaign
  • Overview analytics
  • Basic customization
  • No audience segmentation

Launch Plan


+7% of Group Shop generated revenue

  • Unlimited GROUPSHOP pages
  • Unlimited products per campaign
  • Full customization
  • Basic analytics
  • Light support
  • No audience segmentation

Growth Plan


+5% of Group Shop generated revenue

  • Unlimited GROUPSHOP pages
  • Unlimited products per campaign
  • Full customization
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Medium support

Pro Plan


+3% of Group Shop generated revenue

  • Unlimited GROUPSHOP pages
  • Unlimited products per campaign
  • Full customization
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • High prior

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** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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Maker Threads

I've been searching for an effective affiliate program to help drive sales. Group deals is an intuitive way to empower any customer to become an affiliate.

Clothes by Graham

I'm only a week in so ill update my review as I go but so far I'm excited for this app! Quick and easy to setup and use and the team at Group Shop is very helpful and responsive and the app does not slow down the speed of your store which is always a plus. As my store grows and I get more time with this app Ill update my review but this seems like a no brainer decision to add to your store so far.

The Liberty Daily

I love this app because it turns every one of my customers into a potential affiliate, incentivizing them to share my brand with people they know. Given how volatile running paid ads is, having Group Shop has enabled us to lower our acquisition costs and increase our word of mouth. This is a strong channel we plan on using for awhile!