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Redigeret 16. april 2019

Update: after some time using it, I discovered it's causing many errors.
I have informed of the error and after one week we are still facing problems.
Fare price, excellent support and it does what it promises to do.
It's easy to work with. They even offered to help me with some text translation. Good job

Circle Promo
2 måneder bruger appen
Mageworx svarede 12. marts 2019

Hello Circle Promo,
We investigated your request. A third-party app installed in your store interferes work of our app. Our support team responded to your request immediately, but unfortunately, it seems you didn’t receive our answers. Please, check your spam folder. We hope to resolve this to your benefit and earn you back as a customer.

Thank you for your positive feedback! We do our best to meet and exceed expectations of our customers :)
Feel free to contact us whenever required.

7. juni 2021

Poor design. Have played around with it and it doesn't function in a user friendly manner for customers. Requiring them to purchase the entire bundle. They can't purchase the individual item without the bundle. Would never recommend.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Mageworx svarede 7. juni 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear the app doesn't work for you.

The app design can be easily customized with CSS if needed to match the required styles.

The app doesn't require purchasing an entire bundle in fact. It's always possible to enable the individual 'Add to Cart' buttons for each associated product in the app Settings.

We offer free live-time support so you could address us if you have any doubts.

In any case, thank you for your time spent on this review. We hope you'll be able to find the app that would fit your needs perfectly and wish you all the success.

Thank you.

11. april 2022

Terrible app, they have to code it for it to work, it doesn't just install like every other app. Also, it puts in all kinds of extra text that can't be removed and once you add a bundle there's no way to remove it. Support sucks, you can't call anyone. The software isn't very intuitive at all. I've built and configured my site myself, yet, I've spent way too much time trying to get this piece of crap to work. I've been paying them for 3 months and it still insn't working.

RC Plane Stands
27 dage bruger appen
Mageworx svarede 12. april 2022


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are sorry to hear the app doesn't meet your needs.

The app was launched in 2018. At that time, it was impossible to develop such an app with auto installation. But we are working on the massive app UI reconfiguration at the very moment and will release the upgraded version soon.

We reviewed your previous tickets and can see that we described the way to delete a bundle - you need to remove the 'mw_grouped_product' tag from its parent product.

Also, we offer a free trial period to test the app out and decide whether it works for you.

In case of any further questions please let us know.

Redigeret 7. oktober 2018

Support non existent.Will not continue with paid subscription as they are non responsive. How can you expect someone to upgrade? Poor service!

Zeithaus Co.
6 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 14. november 2020

Tried twice, a good idea but not developed simple use cases as just setup a Product set an checkout discount cause problemes. Programming skills required! You need to implement code by your self. If you have a hingehend theme, it will be comlicated.

3 dage bruger appen
Mageworx svarede 24. juli 2020


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and we are sorry if the experience didn't match your expectations.

In most cases, the app adds its code to the published theme automatically. But if you have a customized theme it may require adding the code manually. Please note that we offer free installation services and are always here to assist you.

Have a great day!