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Redigerat 8 december 2021

This is the second time I review this app as the owners offered me 3 months of free trial for testing again. On the second day I arrived at the conclusion that this app is slow as hell... With the speed tester that Shopify provides, grew from 28 to 47 points just for deleting this app. The reviews widget has a lazy load with at least 2 sec. delay. The email templates and the wishlist are ugly and not very customizable. Not very recommended!

S3ART Store
5 dagar användning av appen
Growave svarade 14 december 2021

Hey team at S3ART Store,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

We're truly sorry that we didn't meet your expectations 😔. We understand and accept the fact that we have room to grow 🙏.

We use the Lazy Load strategy in the optimization of our app. It is a strategy for defining resources as non-blocking (non-critical) in order to delay the loading of those resources until they are really needed. This can shorten critical rendering steps, resulting in faster application load times.

In spring 2021, we did a lot of work to improve the speed of our app with the Shopify team. They have very strict requirements for app developers and remove apps from the App Market if the app affects the shops' speed by more than 10%. We have passed all their tests and now continue to work on speed, as we want to be the best solution for our customers. Also, we want to mention that compared to many other apps, we have 5 features in one.

We'll definitely take your feedback into account and continue to work on improving our app.

Again, we are very sorry that we disappointed you 🥺. We really want to continue our cooperation with you and the manager of the Customer Support Department is trying to contact you, but it is unsuccessful 😔. It would be great if you could check our emails 🙏.

Thanks a lot!

20 mars 2023

Quiero cambiar la divisa, o usar la divisa predeterminada de mi tienda (Peso mexicano). Gracias...

Ungefär 3 timmar användning av appen
Growave svarade 23 mars 2023

Hi, the team at new-wey!

Thank you for your valuable feedback and for taking the time to share your experience with us. 🙌🏻

In regard to the Currency Setting, please be kindly informed that our app relies on the base currency set in your Shopify Settings and it converts the amount at the market exchange rate based on that setting. We would really love to assist you with this matter if you decide to download our app again.

Moreover, we have made multiple attempts to contact you via Skype and email, but unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in reaching you. We would really appreciate it if you get back to us so we can solve the current situation with the currency setting. Because our aim here is to help you and to ensure that you are satisfied. 😊

Best regard,
Growave Customer Support

19 september 2022

Customer service wont solve any issues and passes the buck back to Shopify. NO ROI on this service and it's a waste of money for any CPG company

27 minuter användning av appen
Growave svarade 5 oktober 2022


We would like to apologize for your negative experience with our team.😥

As mentioned in the email reply, our team went ahead and conducted a thorough investigation, and we see that our support manager misunderstood your question.
Unfortunately, this happens when contact is not face-to-face. 😔
That's why the answer has included the information about not reversing the charges, as Shopify Billing helps us with that.
However, as we investigated, we found out that you have faced an issue with removing our app.

If there is anything we can do to get you to give us another chance or make things right, please feel free to message us directly at📩

If you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to us — we're more than happy to help, and we want to make sure that any lingering concerns are addressed.

Btw, to better assist you and correct your impression, I have sent a follow-up email with a personalized suggestion. Please check your inbox for details.
Thank you so much!✨

14 juni 2020

TOTALLY not amused! The app says it does a bunch of things, but the only free tools are nothing but crap.
When you delete the app, the app leaves a whole bunch of unneeded files in the code section. This is really annoying!

I even don't know If I can delete them, because maybe the triggers are nested in my other code I had from my theme.

TOTALLY NOT HAPPY! This is total bullshit. Thanks for waisting all my stuff!

L.Naturel Concept Store
27 minuter användning av appen
4 juli 2016

Sorry guys but i need to give you one star only, i wanted to try the instagram app and got installed so many other apps. once uninstalled there were a bunch of pages and existing code touched so the login didn't work anymore.

12 minuter användning av appen
Growave svarade 27 mars 2019

We would like to apologize for the inconveniences it has caused you. The thing is that you have installed a wrong app. That’s why other apps were installed. We have another app called Shop Instagram & UGC. If you wish to use only our Shop Instagram app, you can easily install it here:

Also, you can remove all of the codes with ONE click using a button on the main page of our dashboard. We value and respect your business, so we always strive to make it so that there is no leftover code after uninstalling our app. Moreover, we are among the first app vendors who were the first in the marketplace who implemented such a special button for this.

If you ever experience such problems, our team would be able to remove all the leftover codes and pages easily. Literally, it will be done in a few seconds. You can just hit the Live Chat button on our website, contact or we can jump on a call to discuss this.