Growth Hack

Growth Hack

作成: Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Boost customer engagement with Spin wheel discounts


Improve Website Conversion

Display engaging spin wheel pop-up & increase traffic on your website.

Boost Sales Performance

A subscriber plays and earns discount, therefore increased chances of purchases, so try this growth hack.

Spin to Win Subscriptions

Build your email subscribers list with the amazing spin to win wheel.

Growth Hackの詳細情報

Get the smartest growth hacks to grow your website and delight your customers! Let customers spin and win exclusive discount coupons as “Gifts” on your website hence boost website conversion.

Growth Hacks App helps the merchants to select from the various methods in the app and show engaging pop-ups on their stores.

You as a merchant can display a spin wheel pop-up on your website to let customers spin the wheel and win exclusive discount coupons. The customers can simply enter their email ID and start spinning the wheel. As soon as the wheel stops rotating, the coupon will be sent to the customer’s email ID. The coupons can be further used for purchasing products from the merchant’s store. In way you can build a subscribers email list too.

Other Prominent Features:-

  • Boost Conversion: Increase customer engagement on the website thus, boost the conversion rate of your website.
  • Growth Hack Configurations:
  • Easy to customize the spin wheel pop-up.
  • Configure spin wheel text color, text size, sequence, etc.
  • Manage growth hack visibility status on the frontend.
  • Configure the email templates and translations in the app.

Manage discount coupons in the App:-

  • Set number of discounts applied per customer.
  • Configure the minimum amount to apply discounts.
  • Separate section to list all the discounts created via the app.

Front End Configuration:-

To show the spin wheel pop-up, you can easily auto-inject codes to your store theme via the app.








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