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22 décembre 2023

It does as it says for the most part.
I couldn't find a way to manage when it would show the stock level -
ex. when there's only 10 items left, to show the quantity only for this instance.
It shows the quantity remaining no matter the level of inventory.

Right now my issue is finding out how to unsubscribe.
I have contacted customer service for help since when I try to manage it from my shopify apps page, it will only take me to the page to manage the app. This only shows you how to uninstall the app (which I have done) but there's no link to take the monthly bill of my shopify plan.

Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Gravity Software a répondu 24 décembre 2023


Thank you for your review. There is an option in our app to setup the display limit for the stock level. Our support team is here to help you and I can't see any email from you asking for help with this matter. The best way is always to communicate with us as we solve any issues and respond to questions quickly.
Regarding the app uninstall,when you uninstall the app it automatically unsubscribes you.
Please consider updating the review and if you have any questions or issues it's best to contact us directly.

Kind regards,

Modifié le 8 mai 2021

Aps is difficult to understand and you need to do some research to find how to link your quantity automatically. Good communication from the seller.

Geek Fashion
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gravity Software a répondu 8 mai 2021

The Merchant sent us a support email and left the review two minutes later. We replied to his email straight away and disabled all the application code in no time. Our support team replies to all emails in a timely manner. There is an option in the app panel to disable the app and it should be disabled before uninstalling. Even if you don't disable the app in the app panel before uninstalling the uninstaller cleans the code but you may need to clear your browser cache to fully refresh the content.

We don't really understand the sentence: "You have to enter manually the quantity for each products". Our app displays the stock levels based the "quantity" set up in the Shopify Admin and tracked by Shopify. There is no need to manually enter the quantity in our application panel. Our app doesn't even give an option to manually enter the quantity for each product in the app panel.

Please update your review. If you need any clarification about our application the support team is here to help you.