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13. Juni 2024

Support is non existent. I asked same question 3 times, and got emails with articles not answering my question but rather suggesting I pay them $1000 for integration, seams like a crazy amount to invest in an app right off the bet, when you are not sure if you are going to continue to use it or not!! Should've not bother downloading it at all after the sales person didn't reply to 5 emails.

iLevel Lab
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4. Juli 2024

It dont sent the checkout.liquid data layer thats the only reason that I tried it

Aussie Bay
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Elevar hat geantwortet 6. Juli 2024

This is Brad, the Founder. Shopify deprecated this feature and checkout.liquid will no longer work starting August 13th, 2024. You can see the announcement here --

However we do support checkout tracking using a combination of Custom Events, Web Pixel API, and server-side events. Let me know if you'd like our help getting this set up for you -- or Thank you for giving us a try!

21. November 2023

Very disappointed with Elevar. I switched to them during the UA upgrade to GA4 and I used them for server side tracking for Google Ads as well. Setup was extremely expensive (USD$ 2000 when I got it) but I was expecting a game changing service based on the other reviews here. I decided to try them after listening to their podcast which I understand now is excellent content marketing. Their product did not help my business however.

Setup was never completed correctly and over 3 months of data were lost. Their support claimed this was due to a GDPR compliance app we have installed (Pandectes) but this is the very app they recommend on their knowledge base.

When I told their support team I was planning to cancel I was told they could make some config changes to the setup they completed for me, but that they would need to charge an additional $500/month for these changes. At that point it was clear I had been sold a lemon. Their cancellation support is very good at trying to get you to keep the software, so that's also good for the owners, but not the clients so much. They've cleared invested a lot in client retention, which is good for the owner, but not good for the clients.

I'm switching back to a Google Tag Manager setup for GA4 and Google Ads
and other marketing platforms. This is totally free. Elevar's Google Ads conversion action never recorded as many conversions or conversion value as the Google Ads conversion action during my entire time with Elevar, so if you're planning to install in the hope that you'll get more conversions, I expect you'll be disappointed.

To their credit, their knowledge base is very helpful in uninstalling the app. I did appreciate that. Ultimately Elevar ended up losing us over USD 3000 with nothing to show for it.

Fishe and Lilly
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Elevar hat geantwortet 22. November 2023

This is Brad (Elevar Founder) -- I am very sorry about your experience. I've gone ahead and refunded your $1,500 onboarding fee and your last month's payment. I reviewed the support ticket regarding the Pandectes consent configuration that resulted in the conflicts with your Elevar tracking. Our response - to propose our monthly tagging and tracking service - instead of continuing to help fix the problem was poor judgement on our part and not the norm for our support. We have a mantra internally to deliver 6 star experiences and go above and beyond when needed. We failed to deliver on this for you.

Again my sincere apologies.

Bearbeitet am 4. Dezember 2023

Have been testing it and can't recommend for now. Conversion tracking for Google Ads with server side performs a little worse than the standard google tracking.

Support is good and responsive (thanks to Jonah, who helped me out a lot with my questions). The Setup is pretty complex and will tke some time!

Will keep it running for a few more weeks and will update accordingly!

UPDATE: After keeping the server side tracking running for 8 weeks, the server side tracking is far behind the normal conversion tracking! So defintely not the promised result and for the amount of work to set up and the price for 100 conversion (150 dollar/month) I cannot recommend and will switch back to normal conversion tracking which is free and performs way better. REALLY DISAPPOINTED!

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Elevar hat geantwortet 5. Dezember 2023

Hi There -- this is Brad, the Elevar Founder. I appreciate you taking to try Elevar and provide your feedback. Google Ads server-side tracking works a bit different than other channels like GA4, Facebook, TikTok, etc. We are only able to send conversions to Google Ads when we have a GCLID, WBRAID, GBRAID click ids from the original session. Google's API rejects when we don't have any of these.

This isn't an issue with your store or setup, but we do see (and share) that it seems to be 50/50 when Google Ads server-side outperforms their client side tracking (which can be configured either via the Google App, GTM, or linked GA4 events). Server-side typically outperforms when post-purchase upsells or other checkout customizations are in place that are known to limit Google Ads scripts from firing in checkout.

There is also conversion modeling that Google now uses to backfill/estimate conversions when Consent Mode is enabled for client-side events.

Other channels like Meta do not have the limitations I've described above so you'll see 100% of conversions in your Events Manager.

I just checked your billing account and I see you're on the Starter free plan (I was going to refund your last month). If I'm missing anything please email me at and we'll refund -- we stand behind and want to honor our 30 day money back guarantee.

11. Januar 2024

Customer service was prompt in responding, but the set up, difficulty, lack of assistance, unappealing dashboard and somewhat misleading app sales page makes this all a waste of time. Might want to bring the technical side of it down a notch and actually offer something above and beyond what is free with GA4. Not worth it.
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18. Januar 2023

Bad APP, Bad service, Bad support! They are all death if you want to get some support, but they alive if they want to ask you pay for money.

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Elevar hat geantwortet 23. Januar 2023

Hi Jason -- this is Brad -- I wanted to take a minute to apologize here. We previously had a process in place to cancel accounts that had more than 3 monthly invoices unpaid and have been unresponsive to any of our outreach requests.

Based on our private communications between us, we've already adjusted this process internally to prevent from happening again in the future.

We should have handled this better and have refunded/credited you with 6 months for the trouble. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to improve.


2. September 2020

We have not had a good experience with using Elevar's platform. Their dashboard app looks beautiful at first, but after using it for a while it appears to not be intuitive.

The funnels feature setup is difficult to understand as it doesn't provide enough tooltips to understand what things like "matches regex" is and we discovered the funnels data was completely unreliable as the founder said the "Google Analytics API was having issues," yet we haven't received any updates on it being fixed, so the promised funnels feature is just inoperable.

They don't proactively seek out user feedback such surveys or anything to improve the customer experience. They have only been available through minimal email support and we've tried so hard to work with them on getting started for months now to the point where we've basically just given up and have experienced extreme buyer's remorse as a result.

This app seems to be meant for very experienced data analysts and not meant for the average small business owner who desires an intuitive platform for setting up funnels---so buyer beware!

Wildlife Tree
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Elevar hat geantwortet 2. September 2020

Hi Josh - this is Brad (Founder). I appreciate your candid feedback on our custom funnel builder feature and general UI which you've shared with us before (and we very much appreciate). We have already taken some action to try to improve based on your tips.

I agree with your last statement in the review. If a small business owner is looking for a solution to just build custom funnels on the fly - we are not the best tool for the job.

However this GTM App on app store is purely focused on getting Google Tag Manager installed properly with the dataLayer and 20+ pre-built marketing tags that can be implemented within GTM. This along with the ability to add custom event tracking is what we truly specialize in.

Regarding my quote around GA having API issues for the funnel builder: we are indeed 100% reliant on the data returned from the GA API to help build these. Unfortunately there are known sampling issues that we don't have any control over no matter how much we ask for fixes.

I've gone ahead and refunded your full purchase for the trouble. Thank you again for taking the time to provide candid feedback - it helps us improve our product and service.

Brad (

28. Oktober 2023

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