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Muokattu 26. maaliskuu 2019

You rarely encounter a company that helps before going in to commercial details. Brad and his people have a company that does! I had a huge problem for over a year getting my conversions to show in UA as session data got lost between Facebook browser and a psp opening a banking app on mobile devices where Shopify and my PSP could NOT help me. Brad fixed it for us!! Before even asking me if I wanted to be a paying customer. The result: I have send him an e-mail if I could please become one of his customers! I want these guy's on my side to further scale my business!
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27. toukokuu 2020

It's definitely a must have. You can't run a business with a poor data quality this app allow you build stong hypothesis based on verified data.

Mention AAA for Mario : great support ! I really appreciated.

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Elevar vastasi 28. toukokuu 2020

Thank you so much for the review - we 100% agree on data quality :). Thanks again and let us know if we can help in any other way.

20. maaliskuu 2020

Installed the App two days ago. Important to me was that some elements of the installation are checked by the Elevar team. They reacted fast (within hours) and checked the setup.

The Official Jowissa Watch Shop
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Elevar vastasi 19. huhtikuu 2020

Thank you so much for your review - very much appreciated :)! Let us know if we can help with anything else.


Elevar Team

23. toukokuu 2023

Elevar was one of the first apps that we installed when we migrated to Shopify Plus over three years ago. Their server-side tracking setup has significantly improved the performance of our digital ads. They provide great support and are constantly introducing new features and help you keep up with the changing digital landscape.
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27. kesäkuu 2020

Nice app. Developers are very helpful and eager to get you going. For a fee they will set you up with all you need. We really needed that because we don't know much about installing, using or executing tag management. We hope this app will help us to understand some things as we learn how to use tags.

The Candleberry® Candle Company
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Elevar vastasi 7. elokuu 2020

Thank you so much for the kind review! Tag management is an ever-changing skill, too. If you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you so much again for your business.

12. marraskuu 2021

Mario just did an amazing work helping us, and the Elevar team and app is a super valuable asset. They are on your side to make sure everything is tracked properly, and the price is more than fair. Thanks Mario & Elevar team!

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6. joulukuu 2018

Brad is the ultimate in customer support. I had some issues with my Adwords and Analytics accounts that I needed to clarify, and he QA'd everything I needed help with. I often work on ads and related issues in the evenings, and Brad would respond to questions immediately at all hours of the night (not something I ever expect from a company). Incredible service. The one time fee is the icing on the cake. My only initial hesitation with purchasing was that a one time fee often means no support (what's in it for them?). Not this time. And most importantly of all: my remarketing campaigns are actually working.

Ladyloved - Sublime Skincare for Natural Beauty
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27. kesäkuu 2020

Great company and very nice app. We don't know much about Google Tags or how to use them and although we are doing our best to learn, while we do that, the developers are installing the app appropriately, for us. Hope we know how to use it some day.

UnEarthed® Luxury Candles, by Candleberry
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19. helmikuu 2021

Excellent app, does what it says, and excellent support if you have any queries during setup. i have used on 2 of my stores so far and will be using again

LA Muscle - AUS & NZ
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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6. heinäkuu 2021

Our ROAS was rising due to IOS 14 (we think). We got Elevar running about a week ago. ROAS is rising. Today our ads performed at a ROAS (almost 4) that we haven't seen for weeks. This feels awesome. You have to try it out and compare the before vs after - there is no good excuse not to. If the company owner doesn't quite get it (it's complicated, they are busy), send them to this review. It's risky to not have this set up. This is the future of tracking. Get on board now! I also trust this company a lot. Brad, the owner answered my questions, and made sure we got set up quickly when I asked for his help (we hired Elevar to set up our CAPI). Jerica who helped us out was extremely professional, talented, and overcommunicated -- the three traits I look for in any person I work with. It was $500 to hire them to set up CAPI, and worth every dollar. Huge fan. A+.

Farmers Juice
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