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13 december 2023

Schade, sobald ich den kostenlosen Plan abonnieren möchte, taucht nur eine Fehlermeldung auf. Ich komme also nicht weiter und muss es leider deinstallieren.

The V
17 minuter användning av appen
Redigerat 4 oktober 2019

Edit: temp 3 stars as we try to work out the issue with the Elevar team. Will update on a resolution. It's been a painful process thus far, but I appreciate that the folks from Elevar are working to make it right.

Aria Lattner
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
Elevar svarade 1 oktober 2019

Hi Chris - I sincerely apologize for the issue you are experiencing - I understand how frustrating inaccurate data tracking can be. I took a look at your support ticket and noticed that we responded in ~ 8 hours to your initial questions regarding product ID mismatch which you mentioned was resolved. Then yesterday you noted that the dataLayer was empty and the code was uninstalling itself every 15 minutes - lets try to fix this! Typically the only way this is going to happen is if there is an automated deployment in place that is overwriting our dataLayer snippets. The way our app works on install is creating 3 snippets and then calling those in your theme.liquid and checkout.liquid { include elevar-head }. From there everything is self-hosted in your theme and our app does not do anything else.

I'm happy to assist in looking at this issue further with you to ensure your remarketing data is being sent to AdWords properly.

I responded to your ticket last night but feel free to email me directly at as well.

Thank you and again I apologize for the issue you are experiencing.


Redigerat 29 december 2023

Update 12/29/23:
We just realized that the Data Layer is not at all compatible with Archetype themes (out of stock) and requires a lot of work to make it compatible.
For example, all of those events were not tracked for the past 12 months since we didn't realise it and Elevar did not notify us:

- View Item
- Click Item
- View Cart

For the price of $150, I would expect to be notified if 1/4 of e-commerce's most important metrics are not being tracked!

I's a great app that, although not being cheap, offers great support, a big library of pre-made tags and the ability to monitor any errors. Given the fact that so many things (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) rely on correct event tracking, I would say it's worth investing in a good data layer.

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