Guru App For Facebook Ads

Guru App For Facebook Ads

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Augmenting your Facebook Ads Manager

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Augment Campaigns, Ad sets,Ads

Guru App will augment your ad manager in any color when a campaign, ad set, or ad triggers a rule.

Advanced Analytics

Guru App will use your Shopify data in concert with your Facebook Ads data to provide you with advanced data analytics.

Professional Facebook Ads

Guru App comes pre-loaded with ad strategies and rules for you to follow, which have been programmed by experts.

关于 Guru App For Facebook Ads

Guru is the only tool you need to succeed with Facebook Ads

Guru app does the calculations for you. Facebook Ad strategy is an entirely data driven process, and the decision to cut or scale ads should be made based on disciplined, pre-determined criteria. If you are currently spending hours questioning how to run your ads, Guru is for you.

Learn how it’s done:

Guru comes with pre-built strategies coded by professionals

We have teamed up with seriously good Facebook Ad strategists to deliver you an app that comes pre-loaded with an array of strategies for your Facebook Ads. Whether you are running $5 adset, or a $20,000 daily budget, we have you covered.

Guru is designed to tell you exactly what to do with your ads.

Guru comes with the option to make your own strategies and share them with others.

Wouldn’t It be great if your ad manager was color coded based on if an adset was under your target CPA or over it? Wouldn’t it be nice to know immediately based on color if your CPC has crossed a pre-determined threshold you set? Well now, all of this is possible. Make the simplest or most complex rules for you ad manager, and reduce the time you spend analyzing your ads.

Guru tells you how much profit you are making in real time.

Isn’t it annoying to have to check your Shopify sales, multiply that by your profit margin, and then subtract ad spend every day? Guru app takes all these metrics to give you your net profit margin, as well as other advanced analytics in real time.






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