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Let customers haggle with our NEW smart & suave chatbot.

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Enable price negotiation

Haglit supercharges your conversions by bringing an immersive negotiation experience to your customers!

Let customers make an offer

Haglit chat lets customers haggle for discount codes. Much more effective than percentage discounts!

Boost your clearance page

Haglit boosts conversions on clearance pages. Sit back and let Haglit do the work!

Over Haglit

If you use Safari, you need to untick 'prevent cross site tracking' to access the app. Click 'Safari' in the top left corner, click 'Preferences', click 'Privacy' tab and untick the 'Prevent cross site tracking' box. Alternatively you can use Chrome.

Haglit in a nutshell?

Haglit is the AI chatbot for your Shopify store, that lets customers haggle for their own discount.

Why did we make Haglit?

As a founding team of Shopify merchants ourselves, we know how hard it can be to engage customers. Driving traffic is easy, but actually engaging people enough to make them convert is unpredictable and very difficult. After years of research into customer engagement, we’ve finally built the right solution to your conversion problems: Haglit.

1. Haglit engages customers using conversation

The demand for personalised, engaging experiences online is constantly increasing. In real world stores, merchants employ sales assistants to engage everyone that walks through the door, but nothing like this exists online. Customers are left to make all purchase decisions entirely alone. Haglit is the first sales assistant employed on your online store, to convince customers to buy your products.

2. Haglit lets customers negotiate their own discounts.

Static percentage discounts are too common to be engaging. Haglit changes the state of play, by allowing customers to negotiate and earn their own discount instantly. Since the beginning of time, merchants have harnessed the power of negotiation to make sales. However when commerce moved online, the technology was too primitive to facilitate haggling and this art was effectively ‘lost in translation’. Haglit brings negotiation - the last stronghold of human trade yet to be digitized - to the online realm exclusively for Shopify merchants. Perfect for your clearance page!

3. Haglit actively converts customers in real time.

Every single customer always faces a ‘period of uncertainty’ when deciding to buy a product. Currently, online merchants have no influence over this period, which is the fundamental cause of low conversion rates. Real world stores have sales assistants to influence customer decisions. Haglit brings this influence to your Shopify store and gives you control over your sales.

The reality is that making sales is tough. We empathise with that. That’s why we’ve researched this solution for multiple years and poured all of our knowledge into this product. If you want to increase your engagement and sales, downloading Haglit is a big step in the right direction. Try it out!

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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This app is so fun to use and has a lot of potential!
The technical support is always very helpful and eager to make sure your problems are solved. Great app, Great team!

Tuuli Stones

I've been using Haglit for about a month now and I'm really happy with it! It's super easy to set up, customer's love the instant negotiating for discounts and it's working a treat for my sales. Support is great also and any problems that arise are quick to be fixed by the team. Great product and highly recommend!