Easy Related Items

Easy Related Items

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Handpick Related Products, You may also like, cross sell


Increase Average Order Value

Display relevant products and persuade customers to purchase more

Boost Conversions

Allow customers to add products to cart without leaving the product page. Thereby boosting conversions

Easy Setup / Theme Integration

Easy and simple setup. The widget can be customized to suite the look and feel of your theme.

有關 Easy Related Items

About Easy Related Items.

Your customer has already made up his mind to purchase from your shop. Why don't you display related products and increase the average order value?

Why Handpick Related Items?

You are the store owner, you know best which products work together. No AI can match the intuition of "YOU, the store owner."

With the Easy Related Items App, you can easily create cross-sells as per your understanding and display them on the products of your choice.

With Easy Related Items App, displaying a related products widget is a piece of cake.

Increase sales and Boost Average Order Value

  1. Display a beautiful Also Bought Section on your product page.
  2. Also known as "You May Also Like" section.

Key Features

  1. Easily create attach cross-sell items to the products in your store.
  2. Create a default cross-sell. The app will display default cross-sell products in case there are no manually configured cross-sell
  3. Customize the number of products to be displayed in the cross-sell display.
  4. Add product to the cart from the cross-sell slider.
  5. Easily Rename the cross-sell / Related Items slider labels.
  6. Fast Loading of the cross sell / related itesm widget.
  7. Customizable Design and display

Design and Theme Integration

We will customize the widget design to suit your theme style, "FREE OF CHARGE"

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