Handprint:Grow with the planet

Handprint:Grow with the planet

Handprint Tech Pte Ltd

Boost cart conversion by 25% and create impact with every sale

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Sustainability, simplified.

Allow clients to buy from the sustainable brand they expect you to be. Become a business that grows with the planet instead of harming it.

Increase your cart conversion.

Sustainability at checkout is proven to increase cart conversion by up to 25%. E-commerce cart abandonment rates are ~70%. Improve today.

Great dollar-to-impact ratio

Our tech platform makes us 70% more efficient than our competitors, making sure every dollar generates the impact it was supposed to.

Handprint:Grow with the planet 정보

What is the Handprint plugin?

Handprint allows you to become the sustainable brand your customers love, in a few clicks. Once set up, your customers can see the positive impact of their purchase on the planet during checkout (e.g. how much CO2 was captured by your trees or how much plastic you removed from coastal areas). This increases conversion, allowing you to become a better business and contribute to a better planet.

Why use Handprint plugin?

  • Increase your cart conversion by up to 25%.
  • Most checkout processes can be optimized by up to 35%, with the average cart abandonment rate sitting at 70%.
  • 8 out of 10 customers aged 15-49 expect companies to urgently implement climate programs (Nielsen, 2017).
  • Sustainable products are growing 5.6x times faster than conventional categories (Shopify, 2021).

  • Flexibility: choose from a wide selection of causes and methods to support high-quality projects.

  • Variety: our projects range from reforestation, ocean plastic cleanups, coral restoration and education. Our plan is to add more projects until all 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be easily supported through Handprint.

  • Real-life connection: communities on the field send you photos, videos and messages, so you can see the real-world impact you are generating and share it with your partners.

  • Accuracy: track the impact of every purchase generated by your clients. Instantly report your contribution to any stakeholder.

  • Transparency: know exactly where every dollar goes.

Key features

  • Become a sustainable business that contributes to a better world.
  • Display your actions for the planet on your e-shop.
  • Display key figures on your website(s) with ready-made code.
  • Track and monitor the results of your micro-contributions.
  • Receive and re-share content from the ground.
  • Choose the type of project that fits your values best.
  • Setup a budget limit to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Contribute to further developments by suggesting and voting for features.

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Submission Shark

Customer service is really helpful and the app is easy to use. I love how they have also been improving the app over the past few weeks as well. Highly recommended

Babecave Batik

Hi! We've been using Handprint for about 2 months now. We can't believe how easy it is to use - it's very user friendly and so far it's exceeding our expectations. - Michaela and. Amy from Babecave Batik

New Zealand Fresh

As a small merchant, I do not have the power to incentivize my suppliers to become more sustainable. Yet I wanted to do something to show to my customers that New Zealand Fresh was more than just a high quality food delivery service. Handprint was just the solution I needed. It was simple to install and does the job well. Now, with every sale, I reroute a small amount of money to a reforestation project in a region I have visited with my kids before. That makes business sense to me. Contributing to saving the planet has never been as easy. And my customers seem to appreciate it as well. That's a nice bonus! Highly recommend it. Is also Easy to install and use. Looks good on my site looks great, and I really like that my customers can see the impact my business is having on the environment...that's important to us, that sustainability. The dashboard is also great as it shows the status of the impact projects and has lots of insightful stats. Recommend!