Hapilogi はぴロジ

Hapilogi はぴロジ

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Completely automatic shipment is realized by logistics agent.

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Automatic shipment shipping

Automatic linkage of shipments makes shipping work more efficient.

WMS can also be used

Equipped with functions that can be used as full-scale WMS.

Warehouse network of 36 bases

Distribution agency can be done in 36 warehouse networks throughout Japan.

Om Hapilogi はぴロジ

  • Product information · Order information · Shipment record · Stock information can be linked automatically.
  • It is possible to add items such as gifts by specifying conditions.
  • Set items can be created. It is possible to instruct logistics by disassembling one product number into a combination of a plurality of products
  • the Hapilogi can also be used as a warehouse management system.
  • If you request shipping agency to Hapilogi fulfillment center, shipment can be fully automated.
  • Since shipping instructions can be sorted by Hapilogi, shipping agent can also be used for parts of goods such as only selling items.
  • Hapilogi can control multiple warehouses, it is possible to ship from a warehouse close to the addressee. You can use it to counter shipping sharp increase.

  • 商品情報・受注情報・出荷実績・在庫情報を自動で連携できます。

  • 条件を指定してプレゼントなどの商品を追加可能です。

  • セット品が作成可能。1つの商品品番を複数の商品の組み合わせに分解して物流に指示が可能

  • はぴロジ在庫管理機能をご利用頂くと、自社で倉庫管理が可能です。

  • はぴロジ倉庫に出荷代行をご依頼いただくと、出荷を完全自動化できます。

  • はぴロジで出荷指示を仕分けできるため、売れ筋商品のみなど商品の一部でも出荷代行をご利用いただけます。

  • はぴロジは複数の倉庫を制御できるため、届け先に近い倉庫からの出荷が可能です。出荷送料高騰の対策にご利用いただけます。





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