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23. Juli 2013

Easy to use app and a great idea. However, my customers don't seem to be using it all. Maybe it's only worth it for sites with a higher number of orders.

Fossil Realm
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10. Oktober 2013

UPDATE: Honestly, for someone who doesn't know a lot about CSS, it was too hard to customize this app. Additionally, for some reason the Facebook part didn't work, so I couldn't link to my FB page. Finally, the language "Uncheck to disable Happy Ending" is confusing. I think that I paid for 6 months of this app and it was never even turned on because the box wasn't checked. Ugh. Waste of money.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Such a great idea but oh how I wish that it had the option to include an Instagram feed photo. I don't have any videos (yet) and I must admit that mine looks a little lacklustre when compared to the example image, as it lacks the "punch" of a strong visual component. Sounds like these guys are working hard to improve it though, and I'm excited for the update that brings Pinterest back.

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10. März 2014

Disappointed to see that the only way to change the colors, etc. was to use CSS. Would be nice to include some templates, beyond just having the ability to add our logo.

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