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HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Chat

Developed by HappyFox Inc

Price: Free – $99.00 / month More info
  • Make every chat more contextual with customer order data right within chat window
  • Close more sales and recommend better products with live cart data available on every chat
  • Chat with multiple customers at the same time effortlessly

Integration you always wanted between Chat and Shopify

HappyFox Chat integrates deeply with Shopify. Based on the customer's email address it automatically does a live look-up on order data and cart information! Having customer data is incredibly useful while you are chatting with them- no more switching between tabs and running searches while your customer is waiting.

Boost conversions with Intelligent Chat

Don’t lose shoppers from poor chat experiences. Give your shoppers a more personalized chat experience so you can have higher conversions.

With HappyFox Chat, you can give customers a personal buying experience of knowing their purchase history, cart info and recent conversations, so you can continue conversations and make great selling suggestions.

Integrations get even better

HappyFox Chat also has integrations with Google Analytics, MailChimp, HappyFox Helpdesk, Zapier, Mixpanel and Segment.

Bid Goodbye to slow chats

Your chat tool should never come in the way of a prompt response. With HappyFox Chat you always have instant notifications on new requests and deliver every message in a fraction of a second. Speed up your chat, reduce wait times and visitor chat abandonment.

Free plan gets you 10 agents!

HappyFox Chat is free for 10 agents with features that include:

  • Shopify Integration

  • Unlimited Concurrent Chats
  • Canned Responses
  • Basic Widget Customization
  • Triggered chats
  • Chat Transfer
  • Google Analytics Integration and more

Check out HappyFox Chat and experience a new way of live chat with your audience, boost sales and make customers happy!

HappyFox Chat reviews (8)


We have been using HappyFox Chat for around a week now and we're quite impressed so far! The interface is clean and easy to use. Customizing the look and feel of the chat box is straightforward. Up to 10 accounts for free which is great. No complaints!


thank you for help


Probably the best integration of Live Chat in shopify out there. The UX is beautiful, and intuitive, the "canned responses" or templates are brilliant in their execution (though it takes 5 mins to get the hang of it... but once you do, you won't want to live without it).

It is incredibly easy to teach and train your staff how to use it.
The admin aspect is incredibly basic, and doesn't bog you down.
The reporting is beautiful and graphical, and easy to explain to staff and management.

Could not be happier with the product. The free version was great, and allowed us to try out the product for as long as we wanted. The paid version is well worth the price. We couldn't be happier.


Self install took all of 5-10 mins. Connecting with Slack was great too. Makes it easy get connected with shoppers on our site. Would recommend.


I saw this app maybe 4 months ago in Product Hunt and could not wait to install it in my shop. Took litterally 4 mins to install and from what i can see, it works wonders. LOVE ITTTTT. (+ the logo is very cute :D )


Outstanding chat, The information this provides not only from Shopify but also past support tickets from their Happyfox help center and also past chats is great. Make communicating with customers much more efficient. I had a few problems setting up but their customer support is excellent. They are only a chat way. You would be surprised at how chat apps do not use their own app for support. Happyfox does. There are several feature I wish this had but they seem very receptive to considering feature requests.


We've been testing a few live chat apps over the last few weeks and while they're all pretty great, HappyFox Chat is our fave. The design, interface and speed are incredible. It looks good on the site and the Mac app is a handy tool, separate from your browser. And we agree, it integrates with your Shopify data so you can actually see where your customer is, what page they're on and what they currently have in their cart. HEART THIS.


I have installed an uninstalled many of the chat apps available for Shopify. I was so frustrated with all of them that I ended up using the free chat that comes as part of the package with Lucky Orange.

But, I always had my eye open for a full-fledged chat app that met my needs. Happy Fox has done that and more. It really is the very best chat app I've tried, and I've been using it for over a month. It's fast, it looks good, it's customizable, and it's free. Yes, free.

The best part of this app is the chat interface. While it's web-based, you can install a regular app on your computer that duplicates those functions. It's nice to have that, so the icon bounces in your dock when a new chat comes in. And the interface itself is super-slick and easy to learn.

What Happy Fox does better than any chat app is integrate with your other Shopify data. By simply collecting an email to start the chat, they can tell you what the customer has in their existing cart, their order history, their chat history, and more. This is such an obvious and useful feature, it's surprising I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Customer support has been awesome, and it looks like they're working on adding even better features to an already amazing chat app.

Seriously, don't even bother looking at other apps. This one is the one to get.

Free – $99.00 / month


HappyFox Chatfree

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