Headband ‑ Multi Banners

Headband ‑ Multi Banners

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Banners for free shipping, sale countdowns, discounts and more

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Increase average order value!

Use the free shipping banner to increase your store's average cart value by showing the customer's progress towards free shipping.

Collect customer emails

Use the email collection banner to get customer's emails in order to market to them later on.

Create urgency to buy

Use the sale countdown banner and the discount banner to create urgency and encourage them to buy now.

À propos de Headband ‑ Multi Banners

What Headband Does

Headband provides an incredibly simple way to add beautiful and seamless banners to your Shopify store.

Use the banners to increase your store's average cart value, collect customer's emails for marketing, create urgency through discount and sale countdown banners, and more!

Announcement/Text Banner:

  • Set a custom text message. Useful for just about any message, whether it's a welcome messages, free shipping message (Spend $50 for free shipping!), or something else.
  • Link the text banner to a specific URL.

Free Shipping Banner:

  • Set a minimum order value needed for free shipping.
  • Show a dynamic free shipping banner that reacts to the customer's current cart value.

Sale Countdown Banner:

  • Set a banner end date and use the countdown banner to count down to the end of a sale.

Discount Banner:

  • Send customer segments to your website with a custom URL that auto applies the discount code entered in the URL automatically at checkout, with support for multiple checkouts.
  • Displays a discount banner to show customers their discount code is active and will be applied at checkout.
  • Auto apply a certain discount code to all visitors.
  • Customize the discount banner text with dynamic discount code support.
  • Supports auto-adding discounts to ReCharge Subscription checkout.

Email Collection/ Newsletter Subscribe Banner:

  • Collect emails for your store's newsletter with easy with this banner.

Banner Carousels/Sliders:

  • Add multiple banners seamlessly to the same page and allow customers to toggle through them.

Multiple Banner Positions:

  • Banners can be added to either the top or bottom of your store.

Banner Targeting:

  • Banners can be configured to show only under certain conditions, whether on certain pages, to certain customers, and more.

Banner Analytics:

  • Track banner views and banner conversions for all banners enabled on your store.

Mobile Friendly and responsive:

Headband's banners look great whether the customer is browsing your store on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Styling and Theme options:

  • Use the banner theme's to fully customize the look of your store's banners.
  • Colors, wallpapers, banner sizing, font sizing, and more options for a fully customizable look.

Easy Install and easy uninstall:

  • Headband's automatic installer ensure's Headband *just works.*
  • Additionally, Headband cleanly uninstalls as well. Try it out without worrying about it breaking your template!

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Avis les plus récents

Bem&star Essencial

The app is ok, you cannot pick the font for your messages. It messes up the checkout by creating an empty space where the announcement bar should be, and the support is very slow answering to all this.

Session Store

I´s been a pleasure to use this app! The technical support works very fine as the creator responds quicly to is ready to answer the questions. Additionally the process is smoothly when there is some issue to be fixed.


As a subscriptions based business using ReCharge, this app is a godsend! The auto applied at checkout discount banner is top notch for landing pages and targeted marketing, and unlike the native Shopify solution, this app's discounts auto apply to both Shopify checkout and ReCharge checkout.

Totally awesome - get it.