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Heatmap Analytics

Heatmap Analytics

Developed by dwCrew LTD

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  • Insights into your customers! Use Heatmaps and Scrollmaps to discover and optimize the least engaging parts of your store.
  • Utilize User Recordings to view exactly how your visitors use your shop. Identify why your customers are abandoning your site!
  • Find out which of your traffic sources produce the most conversions!

Heatmaps & Scrollmaps

Find weak points on your shop! Are your users clicking on elements that are not links? Our Heatmaps provide you with a detailed look on the most engaging parts of your shop and on those that are ignored.

Click data per element on each of your pages. View the number of user interactions (clicks or taps) for each element in your shop. Find out which elements are ignored and which are the most interacted with.

Do your users view all the content that you are offering? With our Scrollmaps you can find out which parts of your pages are not seen by your customers.

Our Heatmaps & Scrollmaps are generated automatically for your whole shop and you can filter them by date range and by device type (desktop, tablet and mobile).

User Recordings

View exactly how your users are using your shop, how they navigate from page to page and discover any usability issues that may prevent your visitors from converting.

Our User Recordings are not sample based and are generated for the entire spectrum of your visitors.


Find out where your visitors are abandoning your site. Identify the best pages for testing and improvement by finding out at which step most of your visitors are leaving your site.

Create user and hits funnels and view them instantly using the already acquired analytics data. No waiting for the funnel data to be retrieved!

Page Breakdown

What is the exit rate of each of your pages? Which page your users visit after and which page were they visiting before each page? How have these users been acquired?

With the powerful Page Breakdown feature you can find out the exit rate, along with the site-wide visitor acquisition sources for each page of your site.

User Behaviour Flow

Find out how your visitors navigate your site.

Websites are usually designed to encourage visitors to navigate through them in certain ways. The Behaviour feature of Heatmap Analytics shows the true story of the actual path your visitors take through your site.

Select a behaviour flow path of your shop and instantly create a funnel showing the dropoff rates across each page/step.

Performance Metrics

Is your shop slow? Is it your server connection or is your shop too heavy? Find out a detailed breakdown of your shop's loading time based on metrics taken from your actual users.

Get detailed information on the average connection time, request time, response time and download time of your whole shop and for each page.

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Works great, not sure what the person below is talking about.


They are manipulating with your site checkout. When you can see issues clearly on their video recordings, and there aren't really happening...

Free – $19.99 / month

Try for free! Our basic plan includes tracking for 1k page views per day, 5 heatmaps and 100 recordings, all for free!

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