Hello Announcement Bar

Hello Announcement Bar

af Hello Shop Owner

Fully customizable announcement bar for your store

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Fully Customizable

Get tons of customization options to fit your requirements and modify any element as you want!

Advanced Targeting Options

Use the advanced targeting options to make the bar visible from specific devices, URLs or even just keywords.

Easy Install and Usage

Install the app simply by one click and use it conveniently without the need of coding!

Om Hello Announcement Bar

Hello Announcement Bar is a fully customizable announcement bar for your online store in Shopify. It would be an ideal solution if you are searching for a trendy and advanced announcement bar to be added to your Shopify store.

An announcement bar is an effective way to distill vital information, highlight a promotion/offer, and keep users posted about your holiday hours/weather delays, etc. through a small and unobtrusive bar along the top or bottom of your site.

The Hello Announcement Bar makes it fast and straightforward to create and personalize your desired announcement bars without touching a single line of code. It has tons of handy customization settings at your disposal to add the notification bar at any position/page within your website.

Let’s have a look at what specialties this amazing Shopify promotion bar has for you to offer.

Effortless Setup with Numerous Features


  • Configure your banner quickly using the predefined templates.
  • Take advantage of easy content setup (i.e. announcement bar name, announcement bar content, and custom background image). Also, change the announcement background and text color.
  • Add a call-to-action button in order to take the visitors to any web page link you want. You can enable or disable it anytime and edit call-to-action button text, URL, background color and text color. Moreover, there are options to make the entire bar clickable or to open the call-to-action link in a new tab.
  • Configure the status whether you want the announcement bar close button to be enabled or disabled. Besides, you can modify the close button color.
  • Add coupon code in the notification bar if you are running an offer that needs a coupon code to be applied. This app gives you the feature to alter the coupon code color.


  • From the display setup, you can configure that if anyone clicks on the announcement bar close button, the announcement bar will not be shown to that user further.
  • Set the number of times you want to show the announcement bar to the visitors.
  • Set the position of the announcement bar on your website. You can display it both on top or the bottom of your site.
  • If you want the announcement bar to appear sticky while visitors scroll your webpage, you can also configure it from the display setup.

Advanced Target

  • Select the particular web pages where you want to display the announcement bar.
  • Select the type of device (e.g. desktop or mobile devices) from where you want to show the announcement bar.
  • From this setting, you can specify which URLs will prompt an announcement bar to be shown. Place the specific keywords contained by your URL for which you want to show the announcements.



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Free Plan


  • One active bar
  • Add call to action to the bar
  • Set bar position
  • Copy / Duplicate bars
  • Rich text editor with emoji support

Pro Plan


eller $2.99/måned faktureret med $35.88 én gang om året

  • All FREE plan features
  • Unlimited active bars
  • Custom background image
  • Page, device, URL, keyword targeting
  • Click & impression count
  • More...

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** Faste debiteringer, herunder månedlige debiteringer eller brugsgebyrer, faktureres hver 30. dag.

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