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8 avril 2021

Testing a free version as of now. App is hanging sometimes through Google Chrome browser , even after page reload. But resumes its work after closing the whole browser and reopening and logging in shopify page again.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 4 mois
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 8 avril 2021

Thank you for your feedback. Our support team have reached out to you in order to understand the issue better and help you out. Please check your email inbox.

Looking forward to talking with you.

HelpCenter team

Modifié le 19 mars 2021

The app works great, except that it takes so much time to load the page. How can we resolve this issue?

PatPat Wholesale
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 6 mois
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 12 mars 2021

Hello there,

Unfortunatelly our support team was not able to locate an email from your store. Please contact us once more at and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
HelpCenter team

2 février 2021

The FAQ page is easier to setup and user friendly, I want to give 5 stars for this feature. However, if you wish for Live Chat feature you need to take premium package, and Live Chat helpdesk app is not stable on my page. Sometimes i can't even login for one day. I hope the live chat feature can give notification directly to our mobile device as we are not always in front of our desktop and have to open the app everytime. So I'm deleting the live chat feature but still maintaining the FAQ page now.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 8 jours
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 3 février 2021

First of all, thank you very much for your feedback as it helps us improve our application and services!

We would like to further investigate the issues you have encountered while using our application especially as we have never experienced the problems with login to the app. We have sent you an e-mail requesting a bit more information, so our developer team can take a deeper look. Also, we would like to notify you that our mobile app is in the development and soon should be out for users.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

HelpCenter support team.

9 janvier 2021

The free version is alright. Allows for a basic FAQ page to be setup and implemented at no cost. If you want customization, paid plans allow for pretty full customization of the FAQ page.

MOmentum Books
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 5 mois
Modifié le 25 novembre 2020

1) I tried to look at developer website, but URL is not correct... I wrote support telling them this and they told me how to install app??? This is not the question I asked 2) I asked them for customer websites where their app was installed.. they could not give me even one example to look at.. strange Not a good start for this app...
>> after submitting this review, they got back to me. URL now works and they sent me link to demo page with FAQs so I have updated review from 1 start to 4 stars since FAQs is FREE... still unsure of paid Premium and Professional upgrades.

Big Sky International
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Plus de 2 ans
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 25 novembre 2020

Sorry for this misunderstanding. As requested, we have prepared and sent you a link to a demo page to take a deeper look at the requested features. Also, we are ready to answer any questions during an online meeting or an email.

3 novembre 2020

J'ai utilisé cette application pour m'aider avec la FAQ, Facile à paramétrer et à mettre en place. Je recommande.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 5 mois
21 octobre 2020

Use esta aplicacion para hacer mi FAQ page. Me gustaria que la version libre pudiera dejar hacer mas cosas.

Liberty Object
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 8 mois
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 22 octobre 2020

Hello Liberty Object,
thank you for your feedback.
Free FAQ plan was designed to cover most basic needs. Premium features are in paid plans. We may provide you with a one month free Premium plan to decide if it could be interesting for you. More information is in an email we have sent to you.

Modifié le 3 août 2020

Imprescindible, una de los mejores pluggins para realizar tareas de soporte a los usuarios. Su uso es bastante cómodo y sencillo aunque todo el contenido está en inglés y tienes que realizar algunas traducciones manualmente.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ un an
30 juin 2020

So far it's good and does what it says. Interface could be updated and prettier to look at. Continuing to use until it does not accomplish what I need.

MiMO Products, LLC
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 7 mois
10 juin 2020

I have finally added my new FAQ page to my website. It's pretty easy to set up and I like that the page can be customized.
The only issue I had was the text input. Using the cleanup format still didn't solve the issue and I noticed 2 fonts in my answers which took a lot of time tidying up. Adding links to text doesn't automatically underline them, change color or make them bold so when previewing the answer you need to be aware of this. It would be a useful automatic feature to install. Another feature to add would be video within the answer. Apart from that so far so good!

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 2 mois
Shark Byte, Inc a répondu 10 juin 2020

Hello, Quadrostyle,

Thank you for using Help Center services and for your feedback!
Regarding text input: the links style is added from shops theme. Some themes have the underline, others - don't. Same for other formating of links. Our support team can help you to add it to your theme.
Help Center app has possibility to add videos if the videos can be embedded.
More detailed explanation how your mentioned issues can be solved we've already sent to you via email. If you'll have more questions - please reply and we'll be glad to help!

Have a great day!
Help Center team