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23 mars 2023

I love Gorgias!
The app is perfectly integrated with Shopify, couldn't live without it. And their customer service responds in a few hours (normal you will say for a customer service app x)
Keep it up!

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Gorgias svarade 25 mars 2023

Reading this wonderful message while enjoying today's first cup of coffee - is there a better way to start a day? 😀 Our Team will be thrilled to read this lovely feedback of yours. Delivering exceptional support is what we're all about, and that'll never change!

23 mars 2023

The agents I have interacted with were very knowledgeable and quick with their responses to my requests. Thank you!

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Gorgias svarade 25 mars 2023

Thanks a bunch for giving a shout-out to our astounding Support Team! May we continue to provide you with our award-winning service for many years to come. 🤗

23 mars 2023

Love this app. Great software and customer service. Integrates well with my tech stack (Shopify etc.).

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Gorgias svarade 25 mars 2023

Dear Team,

It makes us extremely happy to read about your experience with us. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone! We’ll definitely make sure to keep up the good work so that your journey with us gets even more enjoyable in the future. 🙏

20 mars 2023

Gorgias has been so helpful in managing our inbox and providing better support to our customers. They are so responsive and willing to help build workflows/rules and layouts that better support our support team. I've worked with Gorgias on other clients, and they all love what the helpdesk has had to offer.

Good Pharma
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Gorgias svarade 22 mars 2023

We’re so thrilled to know that your experience with us has been a great one! It's always our top priority that you remain happy with the service you're receiving. If there's anything else that we could assist you with, you already know where to find us.

20 mars 2023

Not really understanding some of the recent negative reviews of Gorgias. This is hands down the best customer service app we've used and it is constantly improving to keep up with the changing nature of support. We are a Shopify Plus user with five stores running through a single Gorgias account and the experience is seamless. Add to this a transparent product road map with the ability for users to upvote and suggest improvements, along with a very responsive customer support team, and you've got yourself the best support app for your Shopify store.

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Gorgias svarade 20 mars 2023

What a wonderful message to read on this first day of spring! We couldn't possibly be prouder of our Team, always ready to do everything in their power to make things happen. Your more than just kind words are our driving force and rest assured that we'll keep up the good work!

16 november 2022

Emilija is super super helpful and stayed around all day to try and work on the issue I was having! Amazing service.

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16 november 2022

We've been using Gorgias for almost a year (after migrating from Zendesk) and it has made our lives considerably easier. Handling tickets is super easy, the tagging system is intuitive, and we have integrated Gorgias with all the apps and systems we use, which saves us a lot of time.

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10 november 2022

Been using it for almost 2 weeks now and it's an absolute game-changer. Even if you're just a one-person support team, it can give you multiple wings and save you so much time! Not to mention, they have excellent support as well that's prompt to reply.

Peel Away
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4 november 2022

Their support team is amazing. I just recently ran into an issue that stumped me for 2 of my 6 stores and Emilija was able to not only fix my issue but send me videos to walk through the changes and steps she took to do so which helped me out greatly now and for my notes in the future.

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30 oktober 2022

Gorgias is easily the industry leader and best choice. They are an innovative company with phenomenal support and product development standards. As a user, you will feel more like a partner. They are constantly putting the work to build the best tools to meet your needs. We use Gorgias with Shopify and it is by far the top live chat and support tool in the industry for startups all the way to enterprise. Alfred N Head of Operations Shikohin Inc.

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