Instant FAQ Page & Help Center

Instant FAQ Page & Help Center

od Helpr

Instantly build an unlimited FAQ page & reduce support tickets

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Instantly build an FAQ page

Quickly and easily add an unlimited amount of FAQs to your website in a matter of minutes!

Customize anything you want

Edit the color scheme to match your brand.

Reduce support time

Instantly give you customers the answers they're looking for and reduce support tickets.

Podrobnosti o Instant FAQ Page & Help Center

Quickly and easily build an unlimited FAQ page!

The Helpr app gives you the ability to quickly and easily provide answers to your customer's most common questions.

Once you've installed, you can add unlimited categories and FAQs to your page, customize everything and even enable a widget.


Reduce customer support tickets and increase customer satisfaction

If you are a small team, you probably don't have the time to constantly answer your customer's questions. An FAQ page, help center or support page will instantly provide your customers with the answers they seek.


We don't have tiered pricing plans. It's very simple. Everyone with our app gets unlimited categories, FAQs, unlimited customization and priority support! Building your support page has never been easier.

Easy installation and setup!

Our app instantly creates your new FAQ page. There is no code needed. You can have your new FAQ page live on yor website in 5 minutes!

Constant support

We are always available on live chat to answer any customer support questions you may have or to help you build your FAQ page.

Common Questions:

Will this help with my customer support? Yes! Adding an FAQ page or support page will reduce the amount of customer support tickets you receive.

Should I name my page help center, help centre, support page or FAQ? Both are good names. It is up to you

Is it spelt help center or helpcenter? It's best to spell it as help center

Is this the same thing as a support page? Yes

Can I have my FAQ displayed as a widget? Yes, you can have a standalone page and/or a widget

Can your app be used for product FAQ? Yes, you can build a product page FAQ or product FAQ with a little bIt of code. We are currently working on making this process a lot easier.

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Nejnovější recenze

Shop Weekend Cheoks

Simple and easy to set up. Support was responsive and open to feedback. The perfect FAQ app to start off for any small business. Responsive design though there is a slight lag when loading but it didn't bother us much. Great work!


Works very well and is simple to use. I gave some improvement feedback to their support and they were really responsive and positive.

Odpověď vývojáře

6. květen 2021

Thank you for the review, and all the feedback! We are thrilled to have you onboard!


FAQs are very beautiful and easy to install. Customer service is great too, fast responses and open to customizations for your site :)

Odpověď vývojáře

27. duben 2021

Thank you so much for the review! We're glad you're enjoying the app and that we were able to help :)