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HiConversion Recommend

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Real-time personalized product discovery, upsell & cross sell

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Act Like Amazon

Elevate your product discovery experience with the best-of-breed algorithms used to deliver personalized recommendations on Amazon.

Unlock New Revenue

Extend you influence on current non-buyers with a wide range of recommendations based on visitor real-time actions and contextual data.

Have Fun

It's super easy to start with automated Shopify integration and visual editing tools. Then sit back and enjoy seeing your revenue grow.

Über HiConversion Recommend

Unlock the revenue potential from 90% of your existing visitors who never add to cart or buy a product on your site.

When visitors come to your site and can’t quickly discover the right products, they leave and go to a competitor or bigger marketplace. That explains why on average 90% of your visitors – so called ‘cold traffic’ – never find and add products to the cart.

Use best-of-breed algorithms and methods

  • ALGORITHMS: Recommend is powered by Amazon Personalize, the same machine learning technology that drives product recommendations on Amazon.com – algorithms with a unique ability to learn and adapt to your visitors’ preferences in real time.

  • METHODS: Amazon Personalize massively expands the number of personalized recommendation strategies available. Now, your own site can truly ‘act like Amazon’ – where almost all web content is smart product recommendations.

Get the highest level of data privacy, system performance, and ease of use

Recommend is a Shopify Plus Certified App – ensuring your data is always private and product recommendations do not impact your page load time. By adding the app you will automatically light-up Shopify, Amazon Personalize and HiConversion systems; enabling you to go live right after installing.

Grow faster with unmatched capabilities

We’ve made Amazon's machine learning technology available for every Shopify store:

  • Session-based recommendations: grow new revenue with Amazon Personalize algorithms, using anonymous visitor actions and context to recommend your most relevant products in real time.

  • Recommendation templates: install to activate dozens of ready-to-go smart recommendations. Go way beyond conventional Similar Products, Frequently Bought Together, Upsell, or Cross Sell that only serve known visitors. Delight anonymous, new visitors based on their in-session actions and context.

  • Mobile specific experiences: stage optimized experiences on mobile and desktop devices – not just responsive design, but dedicated mobile layouts and recommendation strategies to maximize engagement and conversions for how mobile buyers actually behave.

  • Customer data and insights: learn from your web visitors with automatic integration of your Shopify order and product data with HiConversion's patented eCommerce Intelligence (web-visitor analytics) platform.

Concierge onboarding

Let our elite Personalization experts help you start and customize your initial product recommendations. Book a meeting from inside the app.

Alternative to personalized recommendations from Nosto and LimeSpot.

“Amazon Web Services", the “Powered by AWS” logo, and “Amazon Personalize” are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc.

Integriert mit

  • Yopto,
  • Klaviyo





Kostenlose Installation

Test it for free. No charges until you choose a paid plan.

  • Always free: up to 10,000 monthly page views

  • Essential recommendations

  • Visual editor

  • Analytics

  • Limited online support



Up to 150,000 monthly page views and $75 per additional 50,000 afterwards.

  • Smart recommendations for product discovery, upsell, and cross sell

  • Visual UX editor

  • Analytics

  • Integration with Review apps

  • Online support



Up to 500,000 monthly page views and $50 per additional 50,000 afterwards.

  • All of Essential, plus:

  • Advanced recommendation scenarios

  • Email personalization

  • Concierge onboarding

  • Priority online & phone support



Up to 2,000,000 monthly page views and $40 per additional 50,000 afterwards. Custom pricing available for large sites.

  • All of Growth, plus:

  • Context and audience customization

  • Audience analytics

  • Product analytics

  • Dedicated Success Manager

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Synergee Canada

This app might be too advanced for some stores because it is powered by Amazon’s own product recommendation technology. Once you go live, the reporting dashboard makes is easy to measure the overall impact of your campaigns. You’ll quickly see why they evangelize adding as many product recommendations as you can to your site! Great support team too, who seem to care about helping to customize our set-up.

Antwort des Entwicklers

17. Februar 2021

Your review really means the world to us - thanks so much. You've been a great inspiration, taking this solution and running with it! 🙏


If you are looking to replicate the Amazon product discovery experience on your own site to influence more conversions and sales, this is the app for you. We went live quickly, and continue to add automated recommendations across our whole site, including the cart. The support team have been very helpful during our initial rollout, and the Amazon Personalize machine learning is a seriously powerful stuff!

Boujee Beauty

Great app and very helpful team! They go above and beyond to make sure all of your requests are met. Highly recommend this app! The algorithm they use is very accurate as well!

Antwort des Entwicklers

17. Februar 2021

Thanks for being an early adopter! We're excited to see you grow :-)