Hide PayPal in Cart

Hide PayPal in Cart

da InsCoder Limited

Hide PayPal button to improve customer checkout experience

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Frequently Requested

One of the frequently requested features on Shopify support forums for merchants who simply want to hide the PayPal button on shopping cart

Simple Setup

Works out of the box. No coding, no setup. Onboarding made easy.

Absolutely Affordable

Affordable pricing for busy merchants who don’t want to spend time DIY.

Su Hide PayPal in Cart

Officially selected as New and Noteworthy app on Shopify app store

Hides PayPal button on shopping cart immediately


Give shoppers a better checkout experience. Reduce cart abandonment rate.

What it does?

We know that some of you may want to get rid of the “Checkout with PayPal” button from your shopping cart page. You know this trick helps to create a smooth checkout workflow; because you simply do not want to send your customers to PayPal without including the shipping cost. And some of your customers has a coupon code ready to use but the PayPal pages don't show them a field to put it.

But you are not comfortable with coding or simply don’t want to mess with your theme’s files (who does?). That’s why we have created this APP. Once installed, the app adds a script to your shop that would automatically hide the “Checkout with PayPal” button in the shopping cart. It’s just that easy. Rest assured that you can still use PayPal payment gateway on the checkout page. Best yet, the app comes with 5 days free trial.


The benefit of the "PayPal Express Checkout" is like giving your customers a fast lane in the supermarket. With express checkout, your customers do not have to re-enter their address nor payment details because it's all available from their PayPal account.

But some merchants don’t want it on the shopping cart page because...

  1. The PayPal button is big and yellow, which may not look nice on everyone’s design theme.

  2. The button takes their customer to PayPal and requests to authorize an amount that doesn’t include shipping fees. Eventually, PayPal will send the customer back to Shopify for shipping options but some merchants don’t like this workflow.

Getting Started to hide the PayPal button

  1. Simply install this app. The PayPal button will be hidden from your shopping cart page immediately.

  2. Optional: Send us an email if you have the PayPal button in customer information checkout screen. We will complete the setup to hide that button within 1 business day.

That's it! Get the app now to enjoy the free 5 days free trial.

Theme Compatibility

Works with every Free / Paid / Custom theme that comes with a PayPal button in shopping cart page. We are open if you have suggestions that can make this APP even better. Just send us an email, we are open-minded and like to speak with people.

Disclaimer: Read PayPal's policy before you decide to go ahead to hide the PayPal button. We're not liable for any loss for using our product and services.

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4.2 stelle su 5

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Old Farmhouse Primitives

This app worked for a while, and now is not...I have tried to contact twice, and have not had any contact form them. will delete and stop paying for nothing!!!


Just installed it, i'm using the basic shopify theme but the paypal button hasn't been hidden on my checkout page...


3rd time using this app, is a must have for every shop! besides paypal charge more % and refunds issues etc, this encourage use of stripe! super!