Hide Price & Add to Cart

Hide Price & Add to Cart

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Enable Call for Price, Product Enquiry & Add to Quote Options

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Hide Price and Cart Button

Hiding price or Add to Cart Button enables merchants to optimize their product price appearance according to their sales strategy.

Create Customized Contact Form

A customized contact form allows merchants to set enquiry fields according to their preferences.

Create Custom Rules

Rules can be created and enabled for each product and customer type.

À propos de Hide Price & Add to Cart

This app helps you to manage the display of your product prices and add to cart function for specific customer tags and products. You can create custom hide price rules and attach them to customer types and specific products, replace Add to Cart button with Contact form and customize its button label, font color, form label, and fields. The auto-response feature helps you automate replies to each enquiry.

Why hide price?

  • Raise product importance
  • Get out of price competition
  • Implement a variable pricing strategy
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Negotiate for a better price
  • Offer varying discounts

Hide Prices to Engage Users

This app allows you to keep the product prices secret to create curiosity among potential customers and make them reach out to you.

Remove Add to Cart Button

You can remove the 'Add to Cart' option to utilize the space for a more appealing call to action rather than taking the uninterested customers through the cart and ending up with incomplete purchases.

Add text or custom link

Use the price tag area for any compelling text or provide additional information, useful data, alternative product, or anything else in a custom link.

Display image to grab attention

Upload a captivating image to display instead of a price or add to cart button if the product or service demands so.

Add a customizable Contact Form

In place of the price or add to cart button, you can add a contact form. Use different customization options to make the form interactive and useful.

Enable the 'Add to Quote' button

You can replace Price or 'Add to cart' with an 'Add to Quote' button that leads to a detailed quotation form. Acquire leads and nurture them with a justified price to ensure conversions.

Restrict rules to products

Implement the advanced pricing strategy on particular products or collections. Hide prices or cart options on relevant products only.

Set Customer Tags

You can target specific customer groups by adding tags to the rule. Choose between wholesaler, VIP, retailer, etc.

Automate Contact form replies

Acknowledge customer enquiries with autoresponder to keep them engaged while your support staff takes time in sending a satisfactory reply.

Compatible Themes

  • Debut
  • Simple
  • Minimal
  • Boundless
  • Express
  • Venture
  • Supply
  • Narrative
  • Brooklyn
  • Prestige
  • Kingdom
  • Envy
  • Venue
  • Avenue
  • Warehouse
  • Impulse
  • District
  • Split
  • Sunrise
  • Loft
  • Motion
  • Parallax
  • Flow
  • Empire
  • Mr Parker
  • Masonry

Note: If you have any theme compatibility issue with our app then contact us at shopify@extendons.com. We will make it compatible for free.

Current Version.1.5.2 (30-03-21)

  • Change flow of the app for the improvement of store loading speed.
  • Other Minor issue fixed.

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Avis les plus récents

Invacare Online NZ

We have this app on two of our stores and it is fantastic. The support team are wonderful and quick to help. Would definitely recommend.


This app does exactly what I was looking for. It allows us to hide the prices and add to cart buttons from the product pages of products only from a specific collection. It also let us add a new button in place of the Add to Cart which links to a contact form where customers can directly submit an inquiry about the product they're looking at. When I first installed the app, it worked perfectly after going through the basic setup steps. However, I just switched my store to a new theme and a few things weren't quite showing up how we wanted in the new theme. I reached out to the app developer for support and they quickly updated the code for us and ensured that it was now working the way we wanted. Great, fast service and a great app!

Laura Stappers Vintage

De app werkt goed, alleen is het erg vervelend dat het niet op een iPhone geopend kan worden. Ook op Safari (op de laptop) werkt de app minder goed. Het zou fijn zijn als dit verbeterd zou kunnen worden. Verder doet het zijn werk!

Réponse du développeur

24 septembre 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. It is to let you know that we have resolved the compatibility issue with Safari on iPhone and MacBook and emailed you a couple of times but ypu did not respond to us. Please check your email and let us know if there is still any issue.