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Visitor Recording and Heat Mapping

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Gain insight from heat maps

Learn where people spend time on your site and how you can improve their experience.

Understand customer journeys

Video recordings of user visits help you see problem areas and improve your site accordingly.

Improve sales

By improving your customer experience you can make it easier for them to buy.

有關 Hindsight

  • Record and evaluate every visitor’s journey through your site so you can improve their experience and increase sales.
  • Analyse user experience on a macro level by heat-mapping clicks, movements, hovers and scrolls.
  • No liquid installation: get up and running in minutes.

You know that your site’s getting visits, but what do these visits really mean for your business? What causes users to make it through the purchase process and what causes them to drop off? Hindsight allows you to see exactly how your users interact with every element of your site, both individually, through visitor recordings, and on a macro level with heat mapping. Hindsight helps you to refine your structure and design, weed out sticking points, implement the most effective cross-sells, put your most important products in the line of site and, most importantly, maximise your conversions and increase sales.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Heat mapping
  2. Explore a set of heat maps of every page in your store to gain a range of useful insights into your users’ journeys and understand how to improve them.
  3. Toggle between mapping clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, or an aggregate of the three. Understand both what your users get to see and the elements to which they are most drawn.
  4. Analyse every single click: see click totals/rates, hover totals/rates, hover->click rate; hover time and more.
  5. Map any date range.
  6. View key statistics including: average visit time for the page, average active engagement time, average scroll distance and total number of clicks across the recordings.
  7. Customise the look of your heat map with opacity and intensity controls.

  8. Visitor Recording

  9. Record and play back your users’ visits to see exactly how they interact with your site.

  10. Set what proportion of journeys are recorded.

  11. See a recorded visitor’s location, referrer, entry page, visit duration and browsing device.

  12. Filter recordings by any date range.

  13. Change playback speed; skip between recordings of each page.

  14. Store recordings for a month.

  15. Intuitive Dashboard

  16. View at a glance analytics: latest recording totals and most recent recorded visits.

  17. Easily update your plan, set your recording rate, exclude IP addresses and switch recording on or off.

  18. Never leave your Shopify admin panel.

  19. Instant setup No liquid setup required. Click install, choose a plan and you’re good to go!



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每月 $19

  • 1,000 recordings per month. Perfect for small shops.


每月 $35

  • 2,500 recordings per month. Great for growing businesses.


每月 $55

  • 5,000 recordings per month. Terrific for traffic-heavy stores.


每月 $85

  • 10,000 recordings per month.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

3.2 5 顆星


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Yellow Jacket Case

The apps doesn't load any data. i have recordings in there but no data to display. must be a broken app. don't waist your time. there are other "heatmap" apps out there



Hi - our support team tried to get in contact yesterday to resolve the issue for you. It may just be a settings issue. If you respond to their email they'll endeavour to help.

Kind regards

Eastside Co


After I install it, it doesn't play any role! It no work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi there, sorry you're unhappy with the app so far. Our support team has sent you an email to help get it up and running - if you respond to their message they'll have it sorted for you in no time.


Eastside Co

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APP is charging but not working for a month at all. No reply from support?! STAY AWAY AND SAVE YOUR MONEY