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Semantics3 Analytics

Semantics3 Analytics

Developed by Semantics3

246 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Track all your store data with just one-click!
  • Get Lost Revenue numbers both for products and customers.
  • Slice your store data a thousand different ways using the powerful Segments tool.

Looking for Hits Analytics? That's us! We are now Semantics3 Analytics - read the official announcement here.

Simple to Use, Sophisticated in Features

Your store sees tons of visitors and each of them typically performs at least a dozen unique actions. An average customer is likely to:

  1. View a couple of products,

  2. Add 1 or 2 to cart, leave the store,

  3. Come back after 2-3 days,

  4. And finally, purchase a third completely new product.

Now imagine the technical set-up required to track every single action that customer performed. Then imagine tracking all actions for every single customer. That’s what Semantics3 Analytics does.

Semantics3 Analytics matches individual webstore visitors to specific product interactions (for e.g. users who abandoned carts), enabling you to identify highly profitable segments of your customers and make better business decisions.

Check Anything on Your Store

Do you want to:

  1. See how many of your repeat customers are also iOS users?

  2. View all the people who added products worth over $250 to cart?

  3. Track all the people who are making repeat orders?

  4. Find out what percentage of your revenue comes from repeat customers?

Semantics3 Analytics can give you all those answers, and more.

It’s free for 7 days, give it a shot.


We auto-magically organize your data, configure your dashboard and track visitor activity when you click install. No programming or SQL knowledge required.

Customers: Check out all your customers and their browsing or purchase history. You can even view their churn scores and lifetime order value estimates.

Products: Keep tabs on your most popular products and never miss out on a chance to go viral!

Segments: The segments tab might look simple but it can dig deep into your data and slice your data in multiple ways. Customers can be segmented by location, browser, spend history, order count and much more.

Lost Revenue: See all the areas that you could improve by focusing on your lost revenue.

You will also get automatic access to any new features that we roll out.


Pricing is decided based on lifetime orders on the store and is as follows:

Our Very Data Story

Semantics3 Analytics is the second product launched by Semantics3 , the company that operates the world’s largest ecommerce product and pricing database.

Semantics3 Analytics has been live for over a year (since June 2015) and we have 5000+ installs. Our most recent feature, which we rolled out after much putting together of heads, buckling down and knuckle cracking, is Segments.

To learn more, Schedule a Demo with us.

Semantics3 Analytics reviews

246 reviews
  1. 5 stars (230 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

useful weekly email with updated store info. Recommend


Great app! Incredible customer service.
Lots of features that can help simply analyze customers, orders, products, trends...


Great app! It allows me to see crucial visitor data which I analyze every day and make business decisions accordingly.


"Semantics3 is best app on shopify - easy to understand metrics that’s gives in depth statistics, condensed on few pages that’s easy to view - gives you a good understanding on performance of your store & daily/weekly notifications keeps you updated & on track to monitor changes - this is a must have for any eCommerce store”


My experience with the app has been excellent so far, I love all the metrics it provides.
Great app overall


Semantics3 has been a useful feature for us. We used the app on our first store and it was great so we decided we would be using it on our second store. Here we are! The at-a-glance feature is very invaluable!


Awesome all around. Layout, data, support - all amazing so far. I strongly suggest getting on the phone with the rep after you install the app - it's not necessary but she is extremely friendly and helpful. I really look forward to using the power of this app and would recommend it to ANY Shopify owner looking to run a successful store! - Fonzie


"Awesome product. Easy to use, very helpful statistics and a friendly team of people. Highly recommend!"


For my experience with semantics, it has been wonderful and insightful. It's a must have tool for any business to gain insight into who their customers are as well as being more in tuned with their business. I love the easy to use ways and organization that semantics have. I also like the fact that it's able to break my customers into segments automatically. Which would be extremely useful in the future. Overall semantics is a must have analytics tool that have been well received at Lovestruck.


amazing app thank you for creating this helps me understand what my visitors are looking for

From $0.00 / month

Pricing is based on the number of lifetime orders on your store. The app is free for stores with less than 50 orders.

On a paid plan you will have access to all of our features and will also automatically get new features that we introduce.

7 days

Support & Sales

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