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Hits Analytics

Hits Analytics

Developed by Semantics3 Inc.

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  • Hits Analytics is a powerful user, web & e-commerce analytics tool. Think of it as Google Analytics for e-commerce on steroids.
  • Use tools like Segments & Funnels to identify and resolve inefficiencies in your store.
  • Analytics 100% free. 1-click install!

Key features:

1) Core Analytics

Hits provides instant access to user, product and transaction level analytics, including answers to questions like:

  • Who are my most active users?

  • What've my users been clicking on?

  • Which of my products are proving to be popular?

  • Which of my loyal customers are at risk of churning?

2) Segments

Hits Segments allows you to slice and dice your own customer data in a variety of ways. An age-old technique in marketing is to create profiles for ideal customers, for example:

  • Meet Soo Lin. She's a Big Spender, who tends to spend more per order on your store than your average customer.

  • Meet Mark. He's a Loyal customer, who comes back to your store more often than your average customer to make that repeat purchase.

  • Meet Debbie. She's a potential Loyal customer who is prone to making impulse purchases.

Using Segments, you can easily surface such profiles and explore them in-depth.

3) Zero Configuration Required

We auto-magically organize your data, configure your dashboard, track visitor activity when you click install. No programming or SQL knowledge required.

To learn more, Schedule a Demo with us.

Hits Analytics reviews (194)


very helpful app


Great App. Highly Recommended!


awesome and easy app!

my experience is that the hits analytics platform is one of the easiest to use, for first timers. it's organised and looks easy and clean! but you still got the deep, more advanced functions!


easy to use


Disappointing, this kept missing orders so all the figures it was showing me were incorrect.


Hit Analytics was the best thing that could have happen to my site. They analysis every detail from start when a customers enter your site, pages they navigate through, products that interest them, and the point when they leave. They allowed me to analysis that data and retarget those customers. This is one of my most important apps for my business!


Hits Analytics has been a quick and easy to use app with all the info Iā€™m looking for right at my fingertips. I recommend it to anyone looking to take their business more seriously to see how their work is translating into views & sales


Great application. You can watch situation of your website fastly via Hits Analytics. Works good.


Hits Analytics has been instrumental in guiding us to customers' wants and needs. We use Hits Analytics to discover what trends customers are seeking and then design our ads and promotions to appeal to their tastes. It's really a valuable resource to determine marketing trends and we use it regularly to monitor our traffic.


Great for analytics! I was hoping for more out of the ads. I was just about to see if they had improved, but now they are going the way of the dodo.


Our analytics platform is 100% free to use.


Hits Analyticsfree

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