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Semantics3 Analytics

Semantics3 Analytics

Developed by Semantics3

308 reviews
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  • Track all your store data with just one-click!
  • Get Lost Revenue numbers both for products and customers.
  • Instant reporting with over 16 custom reports built-in!

Simple to Use, Sophisticated in Features

Your store sees tons of visitors and each of them typically performs at least a dozen unique actions. An average customer is likely to:

  1. View a couple of products,

  2. Add 1 or 2 to cart, leave the store,

  3. Come back after 2-3 days,

  4. And finally, purchase a third completely new product.

Now imagine the technical set-up required to track every single action that customer performed. Then imagine tracking all actions for every single customer. That’s what Semantics3 Analytics does.

Semantics3 Analytics matches individual webstore visitors to specific product interactions (for e.g. users who abandoned carts), enabling you to identify highly profitable segments of your customers and make better business decisions.

Check Anything on Your Store

Do you want to:

  1. See how many of your repeat customers are also iOS users?

  2. View all the people who added products worth over $250 to cart?

  3. Track all the people who are making repeat orders?

  4. Find out what percentage of your revenue comes from repeat customers?

Semantics3 Analytics can give you all those answers, and more.

It’s a completely free app. Try it and do leave us a review if you find it useful!


We auto-magically organize your data, configure your dashboard and track visitor activity when you click install. No programming or SQL knowledge required.

Reports: 16 reports grouped by customer, sales, product, cart and visitor. Each report allows your to drill down to granular level to understand you data.

Customers: Check out all your customers and their browsing or purchase history. You can even view their churn scores and lifetime order value estimates.

Products: Keep tabs on your most popular products and never miss out on a chance to go viral!

Lost Revenue: See all the areas that you could improve by focusing on your lost revenue.

You will also get automatic access to any new features that we roll out.

Our Very Data Story

Semantics3 Analytics is the second product launched by Semantics3 , the company that operates the world’s largest ecommerce product and pricing database.

Semantics3 Analytics has been live for over a year (since June 2015) and we have 5000+ installs. Our most recent feature, which we rolled out after much putting together of heads, buckling down and knuckle cracking, is Segments.

Semantics3 Analytics reviews

308 reviews
  1. 5 stars (283 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (16 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

This is a must have. Simple as that. Awesome.


Great quality reporting app. Nice interface and allows exports.


hard to believe this is free app. every one here at shopify app market charge 20$+ for some sad pop up app, and these people actually give this app for free.
its not perfect, but its a very good analytics with customers analytics.
im impressed.


The app is good but it's showing less visitors than what my store tells me it has had.


Great bit of kit. Exactly what we needed. Lets you see so much in the backend that helps to identify where you are falling down or losing sales. Great info for setting up campaigns too.

Big thanks from us at www.myfamilyrules.co.uk


Great software, user friendly and gives a good insight as to exactly what is happening on my site.


Definitely what i was looking for. I needed to see where the visitors to my website originated, this information will help with my ad campaigns.


Recent improvements have made this app 5 star. You absolutely must try, highly recommend!


The UI is okay but very limited in reporting flexibility. Segments helps a little but is still limited.

I have two big problems:

Philosophical Problem -> It may look free but it is not. Your data becomes their data and they sell it to others, including your products and pricing. This is the primary driver of a low rating. This is like giving away your IP.

Technical/Trust Problem -> Shopify support identified their Hits Analytics code as causing my shop problems and strongly recommended that I remove it. I didn't even know it was causing problems but they were seeing back-end errors in my store. And, oh, btw, I had already deleted the app but their tracking code was left in place on my store. That is shady.

It does cost $0, so giving it 2 stars instead of 1.


be nice if they had paid features. but everyone should have this app, doesnt make sense not to. benchmark and other top apps in this field use google analytics. basically they give a new dashboards thats it.i like this simple just my store analytics . super useful .totally, value instantly realized!


Completely free app with access to all features.

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