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  • Reinvest affiliate sales commissions back into groups of customers as store credit.
  • Risk free advertising with exponential potential.
  • Leverage the networks of other businesses and individuals in order to expand your market and increase sales.

Shop. Earn. Trade. Save.

Make it simple for your customers

No more points. No more conversion rates.
One universal account. One program structure. One reward. Full Mobile Capability

How it works

Become a part of the newest medium for interacting with customers
and other businesses. On Hive, customers join with up to 5 friends to form a "hive". Every time a user buys something from your store, they are rewarded with store credit. We make this happen by taking the commissions you would normally pay your marketing affiliates, or the money you would spend on a reward program and reinvesting it back into the customer as store credit on your behalf. The amount of store credit the user earns is determined by the total shopping activity of the user's hive at your store. In addition to giving the customer incentive to buy from you, your brand is also advertised to anyone who the user is connected to through Hive. All of this service is included in the percentage of the sale you are paying out.

Users can spend the credit through our plugin or instantly trade it for other types of credit they may want on our first of its kind credit exchange

Features for You

  • Universal Program Structure. Custom Program Numbers.

  • Manage multiple brands from one platform.

  • Communicate with customers directly.

  • Keep track of customer and sales data.

  • Risk free advertising with unlimited potential

  • Automatically categorize your customers based on activity.

  • Get your brand in front of new people with our exclusive "hive" structure and credit trading platform

  • Pay for reward system and advertising on a commission basis.

  • Full mobile capability for your customers.

Benefits for your Customer

  • Simplicity

  • Tracking

  • Credit Liquidity

  • Group Assisted Savings

  • Purchase Backed Recommendations

  • Preferential Treatment

  • Full Mobile Capability

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