One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

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Boost Sales with Sweet Upsells Funnels+In cart Upsell Bundles

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Ultimate sales boost

Increase your Sales with 1 click recommendations of Frequently Bought Together Pro, Cart & Post-Purchase cross sell, Discounted Upsell app

Same Traffic, Increased AOV

You can make more money from the same traffic by using non-intrusive up sell offers and cross sell offers and Ultimate special offers.

Effective & Sweet Upsell Pro

Get customers to the place to buy. Use our free design templates or create your own with a few clicks, product upsel, cross sell upsell

关于 One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

HoneyApps made more than $9,000,000 for our customers!

HoneyApps is super easy to use, set up, and see an instant boost in conversions.

1 click Set Up - Developer/Designer Free

HoneyApp works with any theme. It can be easily customized to match the store design and language.

HA: Built-In Artificial Intelligence

Want a set up with no hassle? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution. We’ll scan your store’s history in a few seconds and automatically generate suggested Upsell Funnels that have converted well in other stores like yours before.

Exit Intent Popup Funnels

Give the best offer for your customer if he intends to exit your store. HoneyApps is the only App that offers Exit-Intent Popup.

Pre-Purchase (In-Cart) Upsells

Propose to your customer various product upgrades, complementary goods, and product bundles directly from the shopping countdown cart page.

Thank You Page Upsells

Generate an offer that shows up on the customer’s Order Details page once the order is completed.

Frequently Bought Together

Post-Purchase One-Click Upsells

  • Add Unlimited Upsell & Downsell into your funnel
  • Full widgets customization to perfectly fit your store

Product Bundles

Upsell any of your products by offering A perfect Wide Bundle. Offer customers more of the same product for less.

Mobile First Design

Ensure that your users’ experience is seamless on any device!

Multiple Upsell Funnels

Offer one upsell after another to increase the chances of your customer accepting. Display unlimited rounds of offers regardless if the customer presses "yes" or "no".

A/B Testing

Experiment with your offers to understand which one is performing better. Customize copy, quantities, designs in a few clicks.

Track Upsell Results

Analytics allows you to track Conversion, Revenue, Total Views in one place. Activate filters to see customized data reports. Track the performance of your offers: total views, added to cart, conversion, revenue, top-performing upsell rec /cross-sell, etc.

Pre-made design templates

Want a great-looking offer design but have no time to create one? No worries - choose from our 25+ ready-to-use design templates or create your own design in a few clicks! Cart Page Ultimate special offers Bold Checkout Promotions Upsell Exit Intent Promoting Discount Sales Pop up checkout mercado pago AfterSales After sell Discounted upsell cart Variant checkout one page checkout checkout transparente do mercado pago checkout transparente mercado pago just bought fast bundle upsell recommendations buy together one click ecom Bold Bundles Bold Upsell Bundler Selly UFE Wiser Booster Simple Bundle Bear Rebuy unlimited bundles recently bought checkout upsell easy sell product addons related prodcut upsell progress bar add to cart upsell







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4.9 评分


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For me, this is the best application I have ever used. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in cross-selling business.

Signature Specialty Salon

This application is so wonderful! I surely recommend it to anyone of you, if you are interested in having a great application for your business needs.


In my opinion this is the best app for any Shopify store! You can choose which language you want for creating a funnel.