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Redigerat 7 mars 2019

After trying to use this app I think Plixpod wasn't ready to be in the Shopify app store, at least not yet. I have this app because their jewelry is of unusually high quality and unique among the print on demand apps available on Shopify. I'm giving three stars because of the jewelry offerings alone are so nice (Actually, I'd give 5 stars for the jewelry but the 3 is for the overall app. I would give 1 star for English support and 2 stars for customer service if I could). However, until it translates into English (everything from the instructions to the product descriptions) and they get English customer based support, I continue to find it difficult to use. For example, the rings they offer have their descriptions in Italian which I can translate using a translation app. The problem there is the ring sizes are in European Sizes without a US conversion chart. I had to figure out what sizes these correspond to which is difficult because there are no true equivalents. They also need the ability for customers to see their currency represented rather than trying to figure out how much that EU price is in dollars for example. Another issue was setting up my account. In one of the areas where I had to add in my address there was no place for me to add my state. They also need the ability to order sample products for a seller to see these physical products. I'm not sure how to go about it since it seems only set up to drop ship. Also, the customer service, while they try to communicate with me, is slow in response time and when they do we don't understand each other. And I really need to talk to a live person to make sure I have set up everything correctly especially not being able to understand exactly what I'm reading. I've messaged with them and emailed them and as I've said, they do try to help but it's just so difficult. If only I could just talk to someone. They promised English was coming to the app ASAP and I even got a message saying I could change the settings to English with what looked like a new addition to the app but when I changed it it was still mostly in Italian. A Shopify expert tried to help me after I contacted Shopify out of desperation and we looked at my app together and she and I were seeing two different things on the same page so I think whatever changes they are making are also creating some bugs. We even tried different browsers. The Shopify expert saw how difficult this app was and even suggested I put it on hold until they fix their issues that's how bad it all seemed. I look forward to using this app because their jewelry is beautiful but until I can fully understand and use the app I'll have to wait and see what they do with the app before I can put any of their products on my store. Incidentally, Italian is a language I'm currently studying so I'm not opposed to working with the Italian in this app and for me personally is a bit of a fun challenge to read but even for me, an Italian language enthusiast, I just find this too difficult and time consuming to try and figure it out. I was even going to just start putting their products up in my store anyhow but when those first orders come in I want to know everything was set up correctly so the orders can go as smoothly as possible. I don't feel confident I would know until an order came in if there was a problem and then it would be too late to fix that first impression. So please Hoplix (Plixpod), I am waiting to use your app and make beautiful jewelry with your products!

I wanted to update my review. I had ordered one of their products with my design on it on November 29th. Was not shipped until December 14th. I’m waiting for it to arrive. I asked for the tracking number that was supposed to be accessed through a link because the link did not work. Asked three days ago. No response. I have no idea if I need to sign for it or when it’ll be here. I used an app to translate the shipping info to help me understand but the translation app was useless - confused me even more. So they really need to have complete English translations not some things translated here and others not there. So without English support and absolutely no customer service I really don’t think they want my business. Which is a shame because I like their jewelry. As a matter of fact the more questions I asked the less response I got and the more time in between responses. Once I was even offered direct access to one of the reps through Facebook suggesting I’d get better help that way but even he stopped responding. I don’t understand this way of conducting business.

Here's another update as of January 25th. I received the ring. The print was so faded looking I didn't understand why it was shipped to me like that without questioning it. The customer service has been extremely slow about resolving it. I wouldn't even be trying to fix the issue at this point because every aspect of this whole process has been so slow and painful but I want to at least get a decent looking ring for the nearly $50 I paid for it. Yes, you read that right. I wrongly assumed the photos were showing me an outstanding quality ring. I was fooled by the Made in Italy thing. Yes, it was made in Italy but it is no better than something you'd find in a bubble gum machine. The ring was a light as a toy ring. The beveled edge was not as thick as the photo shows and the so called goldsmith mark is so tiny I almost couldn't find it. And the goldsmith mark is not anything more than the name of the vendor which is JewelPix. What a waste of time for a sub standard product. I will be deleting this app.

It's now March 7th and the support staff at Plixpod has never resolved my issue for something ordered in November. If they just simply ignored my requests I'd just say they have bad customer service. However, what they have been doing is asking me the same questions over and over such as "What is your support ticket number?", etc., and then answering with yes's and no's as if they don't care to resolve it or don't know what they're doing. So instead of it just being a case of bad service it looks to me like it's just gross incompetence which is worse. How do they stay in business?

Cosmopolitan Connie
4 månader användning av appen
12 juli 2020

Amazing way to get products with your own store logo. branded logo are always trusted

Fiyah Azz Socks
10 dagar användning av appen
13 juli 2020

I really loved this app. Amazing!!! definitely recommended.

10 dagar användning av appen
10 november 2020

App Inutilizzabile, ce scritto spedizione 1/2 settimane ma è da più di un mese che alcuni clienti aspettano il pacco. Servizio clienti scarsissimo e Aggiungono spese di spedizione a caso, ogni ordine che faccio mi aggiungono altri 5$ da pagare in più (spedizione già pagata). Sconsigliata!
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
Hoplix svarade 10 november 2020

Gentile Seller,
ci spiace che il servizio offerto non sia stato di suo gradimento il tempo medio di evasione al momento è di 3-4 giorni, per le spedizioni in Europa i tempi di consegna dipendono dal servizio scelto fino ad anche 24 ore con UPS.
Si è verificato che su alcuni ordini il sistema non aveva correttamente calcolato le spese di spedizioni e solo in quel determinato caso sono state richieste successivamente. Il problema adesso è stato risolto, se ritiene di aver pagato due volte le spese di spedizione ci contatti subito a e provvediamo subito ad una verifica.

Supporto Seller

15 juli 2020

I like how they offer printing products belonging to different categories. Not to mention the quality is amazing

Bramley and Walker
2 dagar användning av appen
12 juni 2020

Qualità di stampa PESSIMA e spedizione lentissima, mi chiedo come sia possibile che un'applicazione del genere trovi spazio su questa piattaforma.

ARTee Wear
23 dagar användning av appen
Hoplix svarade 15 juni 2020

Ciao, grazie per la tua recensione! Ci dispiace che la tua esperienza con PlixPod non sia stata soddisfacente,
lavoriamo costantemente per migliorare la qualità ed i tempi di Consegna e speriamo di avere modo dimostrati in futuro i nostri miglioramenti.

Il ritardo nell'evasione degli ordini è dovuto ai problemi per l'emergenza COVID1-19 ed alla grande quantità di ordini inaspettato che stiamo ricevendo
visto il periodo dell'anno.

Alla pagina manteniamo aggiornati tutti i seller sugli attuali tempi di produzione, siamo
in forte recuperero e speriamo quanto prima di rientare nelle nostre performance solite che ci permettono di spedizione il 95% degli ordini
nei 3 giorni.

Per qualsiasi altra informazione in merito non esitare a contattarci a

Redigerat 1 juli 2019

Modifica alla precedente recensione.
Le magliette tra i servizi che ho provato sono le più belle, un bel cotone made in Bangladesh bei colori. Le stampe un po' meno, leggermente storta, sbiadita e con alcune imperfezioni, premetto che il mio file è un png ad alta definizione delle dimensioni della stampa, il servizio clienti esiste ma è molto lento nel rispondere. Secondo me hanno un grandissimo potenziale ma dovrebbero metterci un po' più impegno. Comunque meglio di molti servizi internazionali
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
19 juni 2020

congratulations every month on new products and excellent products.

Ungefär 7 timmar användning av appen