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One of the worst apps on Shopify. Very complicated to use and slow to get page video results. They send you an email of the video which I find to be unnecessary when customers should be able to view the videos on the app. They have a monthly small fee which I didn't mind. But once connected to their website it says something completely different like you're using the free plan even though you're paying for a premium version on Shopify. When I reached out to customer service they said the fee paid Shopify is just to keep the app embedded/active. The real prenium version is what you purchase on their website. I think there's 2 of this app on Shopify, let me just say don't waste you time. Absolutely useless.

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Dualsided已回复 2023年12月11日

Hello, All our app does is make it easy to implement Hotjar script without development and ensures it consistently loads on any published theme. We don’t have any customer video or added costs.

You may be referring to the Hotjar service itself when referencing customer videos and premium costs (Hotjar is free for many but does charge for high volume stores). We have no direct affiliation with Hotjar, though we help thousands of stores use it successfully as it’s a fantastic customer behavior tool.



Tafelhaard Centrum
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Does not work, contacted the support, and nothing.
Already installed the app 2 times, and everytime you open it, it says Error 400 Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is missing

Versa Treasures
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Dualsided已回复 2023年9月25日

Hi, we replied to your request on Sep 8 within 48 hours. This issue was resolved. Please let us know if there are any other issues accessing the application.


Its not working.

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Dualsided已回复 2023年12月26日


Please email us at and let me know what is not working so we can work quickly to resolve. Our Shopify Application is up and functional on thousands of stores and we are reporting no current errors.


Very bad, your application has added a line of code that causes several home pages to open each time my website is loaded. This experience is very annoying for my visitors and detracts from the quality of my site.

Petit Crayon
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Dualsided已回复 2023年9月25日

Hi, our application only adds the Hotjar script via Shopify Script Tags. Any page modifications come from your Hotjar settings. Please make sure you access your Hotjar account to manage what experiences you have enabled.


o app nao esta funcionado na minha loja abri uma pagina em braco sem informação ou coteudo ***************

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This app is a game changer. Seeing what the customer sees and how they react to the store gives you so much feedback on what you should do in order to increase the conversion rate. Really appreciate this app!

Grounded Panda
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Works perfectly. Very easy to setup. Definetively, Hotjar's the best tool for session recordings and heatmaps :)

98 Coast Av.
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Allowed us to install Hotjar without getting charged an hour by our developer and is great to see association of Hotjar recordings to real Shopify users vs. typical anonymous IDs. Very helpful for customer service and UX planning.

ALASTIN Skincare®, Inc.
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I love this app. If you want to have customer insights then use Hotjar.
It provides a huge insight into customer activities.
Thank you guy!!!

Abita store
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