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Dyag East

I e-mail them to let them know that my products are ready for their review and have not heard back from them. I called and e-mailed and never heard a word.

Lost Kat Photography

Impossible to keep synced and you have to do all the work to get listings right, it's not worth it, Terrible dashboard and communication. I owed money on a return, didn't hear about it until it was 90 days overdue. No balance due shown on their site, they could have just debited my account like everyone else but the only way to pay it is mail or bank transfer. None of their emails have good headers so I thought it was a scam until I researched my own bank account records. Real professional guys. I told them their dashboard is unclear and they need to let people pay fees via credit card (like everyone on the planet). They were rude and removed my products altogether, seemingly out of bitterness for negative feedback, actually something I had been trying to do for months but it was too tedious. Thanks for saving me the trouble of leaving your awful service.


Zero customer service. Product approval takes weeks. No seller support. Errors uploading product images. Wrong product categories.

Forge Hardware Studio

After many months of waiting for the Houzz team to even publish our products, we are now unable to get in touch with them. We have written them many emails and they simply don't respond. Even after your account is approved you can't simply publish products. Apparently someone has to approve each product, and they won't return emails. Also, app does not take into account combined shipping so you have to price shipping for each item which is a huge problem.

My Eclectic Christmas Fantasy™

This app is terrible and full of scammers. I was only contacted by scammers trying to get money and texts messages about interior decorating when it is clear as day that I'm not an interior decorator. I make custom holiday decor items. I wouldn't even bother with this.


Worthless sales channel. I've been trying to get my product listed for about a year with no success. Accounts are rejected by Houzz even though similar products are available on their marketplace. No vendor support at all. Try calling their marketplace support and they will tell you that team is only available by email. Email them and you will never get a response. Don't bother with this sales channel.

Made In America Home

The app does not work. You have to do too much beside the feed in order to get active. Once you are active- and that could take months- it is very slow to add anything new. The staff which you can only reach through email just tells you about how backed up they are, If you sell seasonal things- this is not the place to be. If you sell Custom- this is not the place to sell.
Unfortunate because it was a great idea. - but it failed. Products are more average every day- and you get better accuracy with Hayneedle, Jet etc.


We have been asked by another store to review Houzz and their app because we have vast experience with the app. Sadly we cannot recommend this app. This is not say that we do not recommend Houzz.

Their description says that "The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace"- nothing could be further from the truth.

The app does not contain the information that Houzz needs to make your products active. Country of Origin, weight, material content, ship times, freight and shipping costs etc all must be added on a separate spreadsheet. It is a long and difficult and anonymous process.

We signed up with this App 2 years ago and half of the products from that feed are still not active. 2 years..Plus Houzz is a constantly changing target.They make policy changes without telling you. There is no training for Sellers and in too many cases, if you raise a problem with the app- they tell you that you are wrong.

We wrote in to Houzz last week to explain that we had 0 of a product on our feed to them and that they had sold one anyway. I sent a screenshot of the product now at -1. It does not take a genius to figure out that the only way to get to -1 is to start at 0 and sell one. Luckily we had one in stock. But if we hadn't- our Seller Score would have gone down and we would have been dinged for an Order Cancellation etc. They got back to us eventually to tell us that we had 4 and sold one and now we have 3. Completely ignoring what we had said.

In conclusion, in the two years that we have used this app- it has not had one upgrade or improvement. That is not what a Company does that is serious about an effective app.

Selling on Houzz has its own challenges and it is not for people who are not prepared for a non communicative and isolated corporate mindset. But this app makes the relationship more difficult and expensive.

I wish it were not the case. We tried repeatedly to show them add on apps from shopify that could improve the app but frankly they were not interested.


Houzz has been the worst experience of our professional lives. There is ZERO support. They are slow, difficult and disrespectful. They feel that you are there for them and they do nothing to respond to any concern or question you might have.
They handle charges and chargebacks. They do not inform you of any chargebacks and then just deduct them from your sales.
The 15% they charge you is not the whole thing. They charge for late orders- give customers discounts and practically insist that you provide free shipping.
You cant make money with them only for them.
We are disconnecting this app as of today and seriously advise everyone to stay away!


Wish I could give this app a negativie review, there is no sell support only email and now I have buyers complaining that they aren't getting any customer support, all this for a 15% commission. I'm will no longer be using Houzz.

It has been almost 3 years and our products still aren't out there. Tell us pictures should be one size and then we are told another size. Product coordinators change so much and you can't talk with a person only through email. Have made complaints but it does no good. Only available to the buyer, never want to help the seller. Uploads are really bad, multiple product errors and review process is extremely slow.

Back to the same Houzz, they are now telling us we can no longer charge restocking fees and they are also charging us $2 for now inputting tracking for USPS First Class, $12 if we are late with uploading tracking, $15 is an item is out of stock after 2 per month. For a small business we can take a 15% commission plus these other fees. When we joined they told us only 15% now they have changed without even notifying us.

Also Houzz emails you to death I can get any other work done because they won't let me do my job they micro manage you. I didn't go into business for this experience.

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