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Barnett Products

**UPDATE** Although I haven't otherwise heard from Houzz, this morning (about a week after leaving a 2 star review) I received an email notification that 181 of my items were approved and are now live. I still need a fix on quite a few products that are showing an inaccurate "problem" flag, and I still have quite a few items that have been pending for a long time, but at least we've made some progress.**

**UPDATE** Yesterday, about a week and a half after leaving a 2 star review, I had a phone call with a product coordinator manager who solicited feedback regarding our experience and assured us that our assigned product coordinator would get our products listed within a 2 week turnaround. The other issues we find less than desirable will be reported to development team but no timeline has been given.**

--Original Review--
We would sell more of our products on Houzz, but we have been waiting more than six months for most of our products to be approved. In theory you can see a pending flag and a problem flag, but the pending items are never reviewed and the problem flags are in error. We've tried contacting customer service and technical help several times. They rarely respond to emails. If you call customer service you can usually get transferred to someone in the correct department, but none of the back and forth has resolved the problem. Despite the fact that our Houzz store is supposed to be integrated with Shopify, we were told that we need to upload our product data in spreadsheets, we did so, more than once, but it has not resulted in getting our pending items activated, neither has it resulted in a report listing reasons they may have for not approving the item (accurate or inaccurate).

Their product returns procedure is entirely manual, the customer sends an email to request a return, you reply to the customer by email to send return instructions (no template), you have to send an email to Houzz to ask them to issue the refund. We once had a situation where a customer paid for her own return; we discovered that she was due a full refund of her return shipping, Houzz refused to issue it. They told us to cut her a check. After our 3rd or 4th email they finally deducted our account and refunded the customer's shipping, but they never told us they issued it, and they did not include the deduction on our statement, so our reconciliation was off. It also appears they inflated the refund charge with some kind of convenience fee, but because it does not appear on our statement I can only guess how much of that was the customer's shipping and how much was the service charge.

Houzz also calculates the shipping wrong on all of our items, such that we have to issue partial shipping refunds of $20-$40 for almost every order, despite the fact that our Shopify store supposedly integrated via this "app". I'm sure they would enjoy earning a commission on more sales if they fixed this.

I've included all of these comments in an email requesting that they let me know what their timeline is to resolve these issues, but it's been a month and a half since I sent that email and they never even responded to say, "we regret that you've been inconvenienced" or "we'll take your concerns into consideration". If you're thinking of selling on Houzz you are better off not integrating with the Shopify App, you may have a problem syncing your stock levels because none of the multi-channel inventory management subscription services have an api for Houzz, but at least you'll get a report when your pending items aren't approved for weeks or months at a time (google it, this issue has been ongoing since 2014).