Hoversignal | 10+ growth apps

Hoversignal | 10+ growth apps


Sales Pop, Social Proof, Spinning Wheel, Chats and more

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Games & Popups

5 types of games like Spinning Wheel adds the power of gamification to your website to dramatically increase engagement.

Feedback, Forms & Chats

3 types of forms and chats help you collect reviews or feedback, easily track survey and poll data, understand your customers NPS.

Sales Pop & Social Proof

4 types of sales pops create urgency, reduce cart abandonment, offer free shipping, get customers to trust you and a lot more.

Hoversignal | 10+ growth apps 정보

Increase your sales for free with HoverSignal now!

We've included the vitals of a successful Shopify store in 1 app platform.

Sales Pop

  • Stock Countdown
  • Sales Pop Notifications
  • Countdown Timer
  • Announcement (free shipping or limited-time offers)

Conversion popups

  • Wheel of Fortune (Spin To Win)
  • Easter Eggs (Motivate visitors to browse more pages for a ​discount with hidden presents)
  • Lucky Lottery - Collect more emails with a fun g
  • Quizzes - Create fun quizzes to collect leads


  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Telegram Chat

Feedback forms

  • Feedback & NPS - Collect feedback from users and customers

Collect more Email addresses

  • Email Signup - Build mailing lists automatically with email newsletter popups. Display a notification to collect emails from website visitors. Offer a discount coupon after visitors provided their emails to increase sales.

There’re 6 key reasons why you should give HoverSignal a try:

  • It boosts your conversion rate for free
  • It’s highly customizable: you can choose any data to display (insert automatic or manual data).
  • It’s fast, lightweight and secure. It won't slow down your site
  • It’s mobile friendly (or you can turn them off for mobile devices)
  • It fits your design. Choose any colors and position (bottom left, bottom right)
  • It’s data-driven. Add different notifications at specific pages, set notification delays for a more life-like experience. Customize the message, style, position, and timing to suit your needs.

Fully Customizable Template & Appearance

Easily customize and style the HTML of notifications by yourself or let your developers use our API interfaces to customize behavior to your store.


  • mailchimp,
  • google analytics

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  • All Types of notifications
  • 3 000 impressions
  • 10 filled forms
  • HoverSignal branding



  • All types of notifications
  • 30 000 impressions
  • 100 filled forms
  • No HoverSignal branding



  • All types of notifications
  • Unlimited impressions
  • 1000 filled forms
  • No HoverSignal branding



  • All types of notifications
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Unlimited filled forms
  • No HoverSignal branding

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Looks good and functional but I have to check it first let's see what this app is capable of if it's better then I would recommend it


tooop de mais parabens, simples de utilizar e tutorial bem explicativo, parabens mesmo par aum aplicativo gratis esta muito bommmm

Lumbini Tea Valley Ceylon

Intuitive extension and features look amazing. We wish this extend had the option to upload background images.