HTML Notification Bar

HTML Notification Bar

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Show important updates and deals on the top of your website

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Show Important notifications

Show important information and amazing offer deals on the top of your website.

Edit Its HTML

Edit Notification Bar's HTML and content to show it in various colors.

Easy ON/OFF Option

One click option to show or hide the notification bar from the website.

Om HTML Notification Bar

Notification Bar App Allows you to add a cool notify bar to your Store. This plugin gives you an additional extended message feature which you can control by settings in the backend.

If you want to highlight the Key part of your store or want to display the important message to all visitors, HTML Notification Bar app is the Perfect for your requirement. You can display the Maintenance Windows Message, Display Special Promo Code, Shows the Festival Wishes to Your customer's so that they can feel special. You can even design your message because you will get backend Editor which is having Text Editor options.

If you know HTML/CSS then you can also design the message in an attractive way as per your requirement. If you don't know the HTML/CSS; don't worry. Contact us, we will design and fulfill your requirement.

HTML Notification Bar helps you to display:

  • Custom Message to Users
  • Promote Sale like Independence Sale, X-Max Sale
  • Display Downtime Message
  • Promote Discount Code either on a single product or all collection
  • Promote newly launched product with product detail link
  • Promote Shipping Discount

You will get two option in backend:

  • HTML/CSS Editor: where you can insert your HTML/CSS Code to display the message or Use Editor feature to change the style and content.

    • On/Off Switch: To display or Hide the Notification bar.


Please contact us if you face any issue, we will resolve within 24hours.

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Miyokos Kitchen

Works great if you are careful but if you add HTML code into visual window it may cause a fatal error. Deleting the app will not resolve due to data being stored in database. Reinstall brings bad data back.
Be very careful to click source code before adding code. It was a simple tag which caused the error or an incorrectly written Anchor tag. The app did work great for 5 minutes.