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Huahan ‑ Shipping

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Cross-border e-commerce transportation service provider

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Support e-commerce platform

We meet the logistics needs of more cross-border e-commerce companies, and help more Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies go global.

Ship globally from China

We have multiple logistics channels to help you ship from China to the US, EU and other countries in the world.

FBA transport Service

We support FBA head way transport, FBA clearance services, FBA return for standard, FBA value added services and other services.

Acerca de Huahan ‑ Shipping

About Huahan ‑ Shipping

  1. Expert in cross-border logistics solutions for sensitive goods
  2. Professional cross-border logistics service personnel
  3. Do everything with your heart, and deliver every package with love

We can help you

  1. We can help you transport the goods all over the world.
  2. Provide you with fast, safe and efficient one-stop cross-border logistics solutions.
  3. Help sellers on international e-commerce platforms such as Wish, eBay, AliExpress, Amazon to expand their business to the world.

Huahan ‑ Shipping Introduction

Shenzhen Huahan Hongyun International Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huahan ‑ Shipping") is a sensitive cargo flow service provider focusing on cross-border e-commerce in China, and is committed to becoming the world's top sensitive cargo flow service provider.

At present, there are 10 self-operated branches in mainland China, with business scope covering e-commerce clusters in South China, East China, Fujian, etc., and a large-scale processing and transfer center in China, and more than 400 professional cross-border logistics services worldwide The daily average handling volume of parcels reaches more than 300,000 pieces.

The core sensitive cargo flow products cover Europe, the United States, Canada and other regions, with a wide range of services, sufficient space, clear and traceable trajectories throughout, and high cost performance. The company adheres to customer-centricity, meets the logistics needs of more cross-border e-commerce, and creates value for cross-border industries. Huahan ‑ Shipping adheres to the attitude of not forgetting the original intention and helps more Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises to go global.

Huahan ‑ Shipping delivers every package carefully.

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