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49 reviews
Price: From $499.00 / month More info
  • Connects Shopify stores to third-party logistics providers and drop shipment vendors
  • Provides highly frequent inventory, order routing and shipment updates so you don't have to worry about over selling
  • Offers full ordering automation for single or multi-warehouse configurations


HubLogix provides enterprise grade connectivity between Shopify and Shopify Plus stores to support inventory update, automated order routing and shipment updates.


  • Automated product mapping from Shopify to all linked vendor locations

  • Intelligent order routing to the vendor location closest to the customer at the lowest cost

  • Automated order splitting with ability route line items only mapped to HubLogix

  • Mapping of FedEx and UPS shipment options from Shopify to fulfillment vendor

  • Full support for CSV/FTP, Web Services, XML, EDI and more complex integrations including CommerceHub, Kibo, and ShipWire


Inventory Synchronization

  • Connect to vendor/warehouse partners inventory management systems to track stock levels as frequently as every 15 minutes.

  • Uses machine learning to automatically map products from Shopify to the vendors warehouse so customers do not have to maps products manually.

  • When customers desire to have HubLogix only manage a sub-set of their product offering, HubLogix will only map items with a specific collection ID.

Intelligent Order Routing

  • Generates purchase orders to any vendor (drop-shipper, third-party logistics provider, warehouse, etc.) in any format.

  • Automatically routes purchase orders to vendors based on customer specified business rules or the lowest cost fulfillment point

  • Ability to re-route orders to alternate vendor due to stock outs, or allows for back order submission.

Shipment Tracking

  • Maps Shopify carrier types to each vendor so your customers get the shipment option they requested every time.

  • Returns carrier, shipment date and tracking number to Shopify once order has been fulfilled.

  • Integrates with FedEx, UPS, Ship Station, and Ship Works to support local fulfillment and similar custom set-ups.

Assisted Onboarding

  • HubLogix provides start-to-finish onboarding support to ensure a successful launch.

  • Post-launch, HubLogix offers email or phone based support services based on customers subscription levels to foster continued success with our product.
  • To get more details, please visit https://hublogix.com

HubLogix reviews

49 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

They have raised the price 3x more than our first agreement and we discontinued using them since then.

Indispensible! If you have many products and work with warehouse(es), you don't want to spend your time worrying about inventory. Everything is set on auto-pilot so you can focus on the site design and marketing. It's not cheap compared to other apps but for what it does, you can be paying more to hire another person to do the job. Great service and communication as well. Highly recommended.


We've had a very positive experience with the Hublogix product and team. Whenever we had a question or issue, we got a fast and knowledgeable response. The app worked as advertised and helped us get our order flow automated with low upfront effort and cost.


This used to be a great app and likely still is however they have raised the prices to an unreasonable level and have abandoned all of the legacy account holders in favor of higher prices by cancelling our accounts unless we paid what equaled to a 176% increase in price for the exact same product which is why I am giving this 2 stars.

As you can see, they have not had a new review since November 2015, so that right there should tell you something. This app does not have a $249 value. If this solution could load products to your site than maybe the $249 would be valuable, maybe....


amazing integration, helps power our business. Great functionality


While this seems like a perfect solution, the development costs are steep, and then they vampire by charging per order fees that are put through your system. If this is your only option, then you will have to lose margin and work with it. Additionally it takes weeks just to get one of the "Gurus" to talk with you, who turns out to be a sales person, who will then set up another person to talk with you.

There should be a base level of capability that should be configurable by the retailer's own staff without the need for coding. Unfortunately, it appears there is none.

If you are a very large store and you need this, go for it. Smaller stores should avoid this in our opinion.

We will build our own solution that doesn't steal our margin on every order.


This app takes care of problems we hadn't even known to consider when we started our store. Tracking 1500+ items with different vendors using different SKU numbers for identical items that carry our single inventory number, and having them all remotely drop-shipped from said vendors is hard enough to keep track of on spreadsheets, but this app chews that up like it's nothing, routing orders to the necessary vendors. And when we were going through that learning curve, the support from eCommHub was spectacular. Now that we're on the back-side of that curve we can see how well planned and integrated the app is. Seriously, I don't think we could successfully pull this off without eCommHub.


Great service! From sales to implementation everyone has been informed and friendly. Highly recommended.


eCommHub is awesome! They worked with me directly to get my store on autopilot. The interface was very easy to use. I requested a custom solution for my store (www.chastitypledge.com) and they worked with me to make it happen - far exceeding my expectations. I would fully recommend giving these guys a try. Five stars all the way!!


We have been using Ecomm hub for almost 6 months and so far its been amazing, it took a little bit of work to set up however now that we know what we are doing everything is pretty intuitive. The only issue we have is with the price, its slightly expensive, for this price we would like it to integrate into Xero account software as well. Thanks Maddie xx


We have been using eCommHub about a week since we switched over to Shopify (which was about 4 months ago).Still having the long task of getting the site ready to go live! Our previous issues which was killing about 6-8 hours per day for 2 people in the office was stock checks, we was doing this manually by downloading our suppliers CSV file and having created our own for 1,000 of products, this was a tedious and some what exhausting task, not forgetting that we couldn't actually spend any time concentrating on running the businesss.

We was having problems where customers were very unhappy when they purchased a product and the item was out of stock, we either had to lose the customer by providing a full refund or giving an upgraded option for free, not exactly a good business model right?

So, when we switched to eCommHub - it was so easy to use and we was up and running in no time, their system asks us to enter server details on where to grab the suppliers CSV from and then we just have to confirm what columns we want the system to work with, such as stock levels.

We were actually amazed at the fact we dont have to manually check stock levels anymore!

I could carry on writing but it'll be too much for people to read, the customer service is excellent, even though we are based in London and i believe eCommHub are in California we still got a call to find out how we are getting on and if there are any questions we need answering.

All in all, fantastic job guys and we will be using your services for years to come. Looking forward to all improvements.


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